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Posted by: Robin,
Subject: Picky, picky...
When: 10:50 AM, 09 Oct 2000

Help again...I think my glider is even more spoiled than I am. I bought all the stuff to mix Bourboun's Leadbeaters, but she refuses to eat it. I've tried feeding it from my finger, mixing it with fruit, and veggies, all with no luck.

On the flip side, she's finally eating baby food fruits and frozen veggies just to AVOID eating the Leadbeaters. So it's still some progress, but I'm afraid without the Leadbeaters that she won't get all her nutrients.

Any suggestions?

(You guys...and ladies...are a terrific bunch!)

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 3:54 PM, 09 Oct 2000

Welcome to the club of "I won't eat Leadbeaters no matter what you do". Mine are the same way ... spend all that money, not to mention time finding all the ingredients, and what do they do .... act like it was poison or something smile
You might try mixing some of the baby fruit with it if you haven't already - maybe some applesauce. Mine, however, won't eat applesauce either.
If she still refuses, then you will have to find other meat products to make sure she gets her protein. They can be very frustrating to say the least.
Keep trying the leadbeaters. If you can coax her into eating it, it is definitely the easiest. If not, come back and we'll see what we can figure out.

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Apple juice
When: 3:57 PM, 09 Oct 2000

Some gliders think the taste is too strong....if you can remix your leadbeaters while adding a half a cup of apple juice (the kind you drink not baby kind). This helped mine to eat it just fine. But I know its a real pain to remix it like that.