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Posted by: Gran,
Subject: First place
When: 12:25 PM, 09 Oct 2000

Our two "girls mel and syd (short for Sydnye and Melbourne) took first place in the local pet show. No one here had ever seen them before. I made sure that everyone who expressed interest in them know that they are High Maintenence and need a good deal of devotion, not to metion love. They were soo good.... sugar glider talk meaning that they didn;t bite anyone. lol. Just wanted to share our good news and pride in our girls.
Sherry aka Gran raspberry

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Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: way to go!!!!
When: 12:51 PM, 09 Oct 2000

WAY TO GO!!!!!! seems to me you also took 1st place, thanks for thinking of them as well.... smile

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Thats really cool
When: 3:51 PM, 09 Oct 2000

Wow! What all did you have to do? Just show them..or did they have to do a trick or soemthing?

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 4:06 PM, 09 Oct 2000

CONGRATULATIONS smile Keep up the good work. Where was this show?

Posted by: Gran,
Subject: first place
When: 7:55 AM, 10 Oct 2000

The show was in Wellsburg, WV. All we did was take them down to the show (in a pouch from Crown Royal lol). Mel, she's the show off, did put on a show, she even jumped on some poor lady because she had on a fleece top with a hood and guess where Melly went, yep, in the hood. The woman was a good sport about it, I was too afraid to see if Mel left her any "presents" in her hood.
Yes, we all had a great time and I think I educated all those who were interested in our gliders. Tried to hit the highlight, You know, breeders vs pet stores, high maintenance, ect...
Thanks for all the congrats.
Gran smile