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Posted by: Diane,
Subject: babys learning
When: 5:41 PM, 09 Oct 2000

I'am woundering when should the babys be walking around with the perents out side there bed in the cage or even in the room they have it looks like the out doors. The babys are 13 days oop. and are strong I play with them at night for about 10-15 mins every night but the parents try to keep me from the babys they don't like it. but they will take truns staying with the babys and each one will come out and play with me. I just want to make sure I'am not keeping the babys from learning because of something I'am not doing.

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Posted by: TammyH,
Subject: none
When: 5:53 PM, 09 Oct 2000

The babies and you are fine. If you are only playing with them 10-15 minutes each night, Mom and Dad will do the rest. smile

If they are first time parents, then you're right about them not liking you having their baby frown

We had to trick our "first time" mama into letting us get her baby girl away for a little human bonding time. However, just a soon as she could get that baby interested in being on her, she'd make a bee line for the nesting pot, drop the baby off and come back out to play -- the little snot raspberry

Best wishes -- and no worries -- for you and yours smile