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Posted by: Mrs. Stovall,
Subject: my glider needs a friend
When: 10:16 AM, 10 Oct 2000

Our class just got our glider and he won't come out of his pouch, every time we get near him he will hiss at us, does he need a friend?

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Posted by: Wardy,
Subject: Night Class?
When: 10:49 AM, 10 Oct 2000

I hope you teach night classes - otherwise you've probably picked the wrong class pet.

Posted by: Justin,
Subject: gliders
When: 8:49 PM, 10 Oct 2000

not sure where you live but the lady before was right about they are nocturnal but they can be played with during the day and if noone is around at night when they are up after time the glider will not want to come to anyone unless you hopefully take it home with you. It is nice to have a pair though i do have two males for sale unfortunately i probably don't live near you but im in st. louis mo if your interested