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Posted by: monica,
Subject: Question
When: 5:24 PM, 10 Oct 2000

I've had my sugar gliders going on a year in November and they just had their first joeys. They are about 9 weeks old now and I handle them every day. I was just wondering when are they able to poop on their own. Do they still need their parents to help them. They never use it on me when I handle them and I have never seen them poop or pee. I know this is a weird question but I need to know if it's o.k. for me to send them to their new homes yet?

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Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: none
When: 7:55 PM, 10 Oct 2000

Hi Monica,
Do you mean they are 9 weeks OOp or just 9 weeks old (as a guess'timate)?
Joeys honestly dont need help to go to the bathroom that I know of - mine just casually do it when handled. I usually judge by the individual's progress as to when to allow them to go "home".
Is their tail completely fluffy to the end?
Are they eating solid foods on their own? (Or are they still nursing sometimes?)
Do they have good coordination skills?
Can they live independently - without mom or dad?

If you answered "no" to ANY of the above, I strongly suggest leaving them with the parents... If everything is a yes, Id suggest moving them to an independant cage and monitoring them closely to see just how well they manage on their own.

Keep the cages a short distance from each other - just in case you need to move them back together.
You can also move dad along with the little ones (or mom out) to retain the family atmosphere, but encourage independence.
PLEASE NOTE - You'll only have a (tops) 3 day window to re-introduce them if needed... So, be careful to monitor the joeys closely.

Posted by: none
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When: 11:33 PM, 10 Oct 2000

Posted by: monica
Subject: none
When: 11:36 PM, 10 Oct 2000

The joeys are 9 weeks oop and the answer is yes to all of the above. Thank you soo much for help. smile