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Posted by: Justin,
Subject: how many babies
When: 8:59 PM, 10 Oct 2000

Oh i just noticed i think my female is pregnant again her pouch seems to be widening and i was wondering if you could tell me how many babies will she have each year she just had twin males back in july now it's oct, and she looks pregnant let me know thanks
justin raspberry

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 10:24 PM, 10 Oct 2000

There is no way to tell really exactly how many joeys she will have in a year's time. It depends on whether or not she has a single/twin in pouch;how many actually survive.
Is there any particular reason you are allowing her to reproduce this close together? She needs some time off.
The more often she breeds the shorter her life span will be. She also needs to build her strength back up to ensure healthy joeys.