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Posted by: Jim,
Subject: Swimming Gliders?????
When: 9:34 PM, 10 Oct 2000

O,K. I am confused,,,,, I do have an indoor pond, but I never let my gliders go near it.....Can they swim???? Is it safe to let them swim????? DO they like to get wet.....I know hamster should never be bathed, nor chinchillas, but do gliders enjoy water?????Of course under direct supervision, but all that I have read says not too let them around open water.... I do not think that I could let them in my sunporch anyways because I keep my birds in there and they don't like birds?????? Please give me some input, I know this question sounds dumb, but I would fill the bathtub up a little and let them swim if the would like it and it was safe for them........Thanks for any input, Jim

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Posted by: Justin,
Subject: none
When: 9:50 PM, 10 Oct 2000

no they will turn into gremlins do not get them wet i repeat do not get them wet!!!!
just kidding i don't think they can swim mainly because of i read do not let them get near the toilet because they could drown that may just be cause they coudn't get out though other people may tell you different though good luck!

Posted by: Rachel2,
Subject: none
When: 10:07 PM, 10 Oct 2000

Gliders are arboreal. They are used to trees. They can not swim in the wild. They can not swim in captivity.

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 10:17 PM, 10 Oct 2000

Sorry if we confused you. Sometimes we forget and let our warped sense of humor get the better of us.
It is definitely not a stupid question and one well worth clearing up.
The glider that "swam" in the tub was in all likelyhood scared senseless and just getting to the first safe place it could find which happened to be "mommy".
It was meant as a cute story, but I can now see that it wasn't.
So for all those who may have been misdirected and for that we apologize:
Once again I am sorry for the confusion.

Posted by: chrissy, crisi
Subject: none
When: 1:25 AM, 11 Oct 2000

i read somewhere that gliders could drowned in as little as 2" of water.

Posted by: Rocki'sMom,
Subject: none
When: 7:02 AM, 11 Oct 2000

I had to bath some rescues that i got because they were so filthy. I put about and inch of water in the tub and put a pair in and they seemed to rather enjoy it, but we only did it for a few minutes and i never took my eyes off of them. Oh.....and they did swim.

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Swimming
When: 2:26 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Some can swim for a very short period of time. Gliders have drowned in very very small ammount of water. Most gliders hate water, but I have heard that few like it. My glider hates water...and as only had to be "washed" two times. Only wash them if they are in a situation where they can not clean themselves. Use warm water..and make sure they are very dry afterwards.

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: problems
When: 7:06 PM, 11 Oct 2000

The problems with water and gliders is that if they get some in their ears, nose or mouth, it may kill theem, pneunomia, asperation and things as simple as an ear infection can all kill a glider. I do Know of a glider whose glider fell into a fish tank, owner was right there, and his head didn't get wet. she grabbed at him as soon as he hit. as for bathing them, a warm washrag to wipe them clean works wonders. and is very safe and effective

Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: my trick.
When: 10:35 PM, 11 Oct 2000

I bath my gliders just as I would a mouse. I dont actually do much of anything other than lightly mist them with warm water from a spray bottle. smile
From there - they just go to town grooming and drying themselves to their own satisfaction - (And they're pretty fussy). Sometimes they dive for the hidebox and other times they sit there and enjoy it.
No detergents or soaps - just water. As if they were in the wild and it started to drizzle.

Note - My gliders are in a draft-free area of my home and i NEVER completely wet them down.