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Posted by: layla moody,
Subject: What do I do About....
When: 10:46 PM, 10 Oct 2000

I was wondering what to do. I have had my girls for 2 years now and one of them never really bonded to me. She crabs at me all the time still and she never comes to me. I love them both but she is nothinn like my other girl that loves me. My other girl chatters and grooms me and always comes to me. Is there any way to get my other little girl to be more bonded to me? If so I will accept any advice.


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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Bonding
When: 2:35 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Have you read bourbons bonding page? Try following it word for word. You will have to start at the beggining even though you have had them for 2 years. Try spending alone time with just that glider.

Here is the link:
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