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Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: 4 Those That Haven't Please Do
When: 4:40 AM, 11 Oct 2000

Please read all the stories on the real stories page. It is Linked here on housed Sugar Glider Info, and there is a message forum located on any story can be submitted either on the forum on or by emailing me directly at
This Page is at
<a href=></a>
All of these stories were submitted by people just like you and me. Submitted with hopes that people would read them, prevent the problems that may occur, and to try to educate on what to do in case something does happen to your glider. People have painfully had to relive their experiences so the deaths that have occured has not been in vain, also to guide when medical problems have and do exist. Please take time ut, read each story, become familiar with each area. Read each one as if your gliders are the ones they are writing about. Because they very well could be. I recieved an email from a lovely girl the other day, whose gliders life was saved because she had read the stories in advance, when her glider had a problem, she knew right where to go and knew what to do till she was able to find a vet. It is things like that , that makes that page what it is. That one letter, will always give me a reason to go on with it. I would much rather read of how gliders lives are saved by using the page, then have to add yet another death.

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 7:28 AM, 11 Oct 2000

Bourbon, you are so right. My Charlie's story is there. The information contained within each story is so valuable, and I have made it a point to read each one.
I'm sure that those of us who have lost gliders have read these stories.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, though, everyone should read these stories like you said. There is a wealth of information that could, and has already, save a glider's life.
We invest so much time and money in these little guys that a few more minutes to read these stories is the very least we can do.