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Posted by: CindynZia
Subject: GUESS WHAT !!!!
When: 9:38 AM, 11 Oct 2000

the first joeys emerged today I went in there to check on zia as usual when I woke up and she was awake, which surprised me. She looked up at me and I was petting her head and her tail and i lifted her tail to pet her belly like i normally do but there was something.. in the way!!
i turned on the light and it was .. A JOEY!!!!!!!!
im so excited !!! i dont know what sex it is yet but It look like a boy from the back view LOL
she was just cleaning him and cleaning him and then.. something really surprising, she jumped down my shirt ! with him hangin off her!! is that safe?? I figured now she wouldnt want to do that. I heard alot about glider moms being protective of babie and not wanting their human around so much but shes acting totally normal only theres another little guy hangin outta the pouch while shes in my shirt!! Anyone else every experience this?? Also, isnt the baby supose to make noises? i havent heard any but he is definitely alive and wiggley like a worm!
Cindy, Zia, Wickett, and a new baby!!
and another in pouch

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Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: cool
When: 6:59 PM, 11 Oct 2000

IF she trusts you, it should be life as usual.. carry her with her joeys, that teaches the joeys you are too cool too...

Posted by: Kit
Subject: none
When: 7:20 PM, 11 Oct 2000

That is way cool! She must trust you alot! Congrats on your new joey!