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Posted by: Dawn,
Subject: who has the most spoiled ones?
When: 9:50 AM, 11 Oct 2000

Bourbon and I were talking last night while I was getting dinner ready for the fuzzy kids, and I happened to mention that I was shucking sugar snap peas for them instead of making them do it themselves (B, I knew you'd "out" me if I didn't fess up to this, so I beat you to it! raspberry). She got a big kick outta that, which got us into a hysterical conversation about spoiled gliders we've heard about or know. So, we thought it would be fun for everyone to share their stories about spoiled rotten gliders.

Incidentally, I should add that not only do my gliders have the run of the family room and living room, but they also have their own bedroom, decked out with two live trees, ropes extending from ceiling to trees, more toys than I care to mention, etc. Spoiled? Absolutely!!! ;)

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Posted by: CindynZia
Subject: :)
When: 10:04 AM, 11 Oct 2000

Well, I live with my mom so I dont really have an extra room for them. One day when I own my own house i want a huge glider aviary room!! hehe but as far as spoiled, well lets see i have the biggest cage I could afford it is 2'x2'x4' tall
i spend about an hour in the woods cutting down vines to put in there and branchest to decoreate the cage. umm I feed them leadbeaters and I let them run around and pretty much do whatever they want. I even let them sleep in my bed when im awake during the day because its warmer in my bed hehehe. I think we have more love between us than toys and material things because Im a 19 year old college student but I love my babies and I wont go anywhere that doesnt allow them to comewith me, with the exception of the grocery store and such places. I also handmade them a pouch to carry them in when we go out =) its made especially with love by mommy hehehe !!
I love to shop for them too!! When I get a chance
In fact, Im thinking about getting a new cage thats pvc coated but thats for me to reduce the smell of my galvanized cage and also more comfy for their little feeet =)
So I know mine arent the most spoiled but I spoil them with attention more than anything.
2 Joeys (1 OOP today!)

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: for Sandy
When: 1:58 PM, 11 Oct 2000

I know a woman that has her gliders cage by her bed.. Those that were at the getaway can picture Sandy doing this too. at night when she barks, she gets up and sticks her finger in through the wire, as she is in her pouch when she barks. she reaches in with her finger and rocks her pouch till she goes back to sleep, sometimes when Sandy would stop rocking, Misty would start barking again from the pouch., so Sandy would have to continue till she knew she was sound asleep.. She told me one night, she rocked her for almost 2 hours.. and Yes she does sing to her as shee is doing it, in Spanish

Posted by: Dave & Virgo,
Subject: none
When: 2:35 PM, 11 Oct 2000

I'm curious how she got her finger through the bars. raspberry Mine won't and I got tiny hands smile

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: CindynZia
When: 3:39 PM, 11 Oct 2000

I will post my story later when I have a chance to "reduce" its length smile
What's wrong with the grocery store? Isn't that glider abuse or something? Just be careful bending over the grapes raspberry I made that mistake ONCE ... Can you imaging people actually not wanting to buy grapes that have been peed and pooped on before you are able to catch the "little devil" ;)

Posted by: TammyH,
Subject: none
When: 3:40 PM, 11 Oct 2000

If I had a house, they'd have their own room too.
They are, however, spoiled with their food. They eat better (healthier) than we do -- If I ate like they do, I'd be a size 4 instead of a 24 --

We actually skin all the fruit they eat (including grapes) just so they wont have to deal with it -- not to mention making a triple batch of that ledbetters concoction every month and dealing with those icky squirmy wormies --

jeez, the things we do for our "children"

Posted by: Cruising Gliders,
Subject: spoiled gliders
When: 3:58 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Hi Dawn! Bourbon, sent this to me and said I could write a book on how spoiled mine are. Guess she harasses you like she does me. Of coarse her little darling "Babybe" isn't spoiled at all. Right!! We know better, huh! LOL Bourbon says I go around wiping Joey and Josie's touche after they pee, it's not quite that bad, but close.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that shucks their peas and peels their fruit! LOL

Yes, Joey and Josie are spoiled rotten. Yes, I known who pooped when and if it's showing they are still healthy.

I feed them their meal worms of a morning when I clean their cage. Joey is a gut and will just gobble them, Josie eats 2 then crawls in her igloo picking out for more, but the thing is I have to tear the rest of them in two and hold them while she sucks out the juices. Gross, not really. They just have me well trained. Joey will sometimes bark for me to come give him a kiss all night long. I get back in bed and he wakes me up for another kiss, then about 30 min to an hour later he wants to be loved again.

If I don't watch Joey's every move when he is out playing and praise him, he'll run over nip me on the knee and look at me like, "Hey, mom, you're suppossed to be watching me because I'm so cute!"
Joey is my monster run about gliding everywhere, but comes back to me. Josie is my cuddlier and if I put her down for a moment she runs and jumps on me. She always wants to be held and loved. Joey gets in my lap for kisses and loves when he no longer wants to play and will not settle for less.

Before Joey was netured I would wash his little stinky head and wipe off both of their little faces of a morning. They love for me to do this with a soft warm cloth. Joey still expects me to wash the top of his head, too, every morning even though it is no longer stinky

We no longer fly on business trips we drive because we go no where with out our little guys. It takes both my husband and I a couple of trips to the car just to get their luggage in and out of the hotels. They are big "hits" at weddings! LOL

I have to watch myself talking about how adorable and sweet our little Joey and Josie are, it's hard for me to stop once I get started.

They have been as big a part of our lives as we have been theirs. Spoiled yes, do I care? NO WAY!

Paula and The Cruising Gliders

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: none
When: 7:20 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Cruisin Gliders... how nice of you to put it so lightly..
you said "Bourbon says I go around wiping Joey and Josie's touche after they pee, it's not quite that bad, but close. "
it is that bad.... raspberry okay so she doesn't do it EVERYTIME they pee, she does however do it if she catches them doing it, and wipes the bars too. There feces is tested each time they go, for texture, color and form.. smile ... LOL go on you didn't tell them they also are a regular visitor at not only the restauants but the casinos too.... LOL and people want to say Baybe is spoiled... Right people... look around.. LOL

Dawn your glider is still alive because yours is so spoiled.. the slightest sound, wimper, or movement and they have you running to them.. lol but a good thing came of this because of it... smile
and that sure makes me happy. All bubbly all over

Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: hehe!
When: 10:27 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Ok, I HAVE to speak up here...
B. You... Baybe - spoiled? hah!
B. stops for a visit... raspberry (yes, here) and her, lostris and myself are outside on my front porch with the light on, well into the evening -
jumping, diving, simply scrambling for the moths and beetles that are all over the place. skeevy! I even let the darned beetles land on me so we could catch them!
((Residents of Lancaster, Pa. dont even know pesticides have been developed - goodness, I fight horse-buggies - and not traffic on the road! free crunchies anyone?))

Lordy, I spoil visiting gliders - we wont even mention my own! ;)

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: But..but...
When: 5:07 AM, 12 Oct 2000

but.. but... but... but... , my Baybe isn't spoiled wink, Look that was just well lets just say a part of our nightly routine. her eating habits are bit expensive though, she does eat at the finest restaurants, we have a restaurant, that does make her , her own plate and evens offers her deserts, lol, sometimes I wonder if they are not trying to fatten her up, so she is one of their main courses. She is allowed to assit in driving my car.. and one look up at me, and i would give her the world.. but other than that.. no my house is not dedicated to them (the living room is however)her cage is fairly small (3' X 6'), my entire attire is designed and worn with her in mind. If someone don't want her in their home, I don't go. (including family members) I have turned down vacations of a lifetime bause she would have had to be in Quaranteed for 6 weeks, once i got her in I couldn't get her out. We have turned down job offers, refused to move into places where they don't allow pets. She has stayed in the finest of hotels. Been to the beach, and Disneyworld. She has traveled more with me in a year than many people have in their lifetimes. She definitly gets more of my attention than my hubby does. As far as choices for food at home, well my refigde looks like a grocery store, my closet looks like flannel and pocket tee central. And she probably has the greatest people in the world as friends, and supporters. As she hasn't met anyone yet who she doesn't like. But she is not spoiled raspberry

Posted by: Dawn,
Subject: none
When: 9:25 AM, 12 Oct 2000

B, you're right about me running at every squack! I can't deny it! wink Especially after that scare with Petey, some nights I'm half way to their bedroom before I'm even awake! Hubby had the bedroom door closed one night, and I ran smack dab into it, face first. I think Pete and Weez pretend to squabble now just so I'll come in and fuss over them at 3 a.m. By the way, I am also what my husband refers to as a "poop quality control tester", and damn proud of it! raspberry

***IRISH CREME***: I'll be in Lancaster on business in a couple of weeks -- I'm not sure how much free time I'll have while I'm there (they're probably going to work me like an Amish buggy horse, hee hee!), but maybe we could get together for a drink or something? Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to do that, and we'll see what we can do!

Posted by: Sean
Subject: none
When: 3:36 AM, 13 Oct 2000

well, i got her at the end of july, along with a cage that i know now is too i keep the top off it, and she has the run of my bedroom (15x15 or so), which includes a 10ft silver dollar eucalyptus tree, vines, other trees...she can climb all over the room practically, and i can hear (and feel the air rush) when she launches over my head from a speaker in the corner to the back of a futon...about 10 feet away and 6 feet down, or so =) =). leadbeaters, mangos, figs, peaches...she won't eat the fruit unless im holding it in my fingers to her while shes in her pouch...she sleeps in my shirt (this will sound wierd probably), in the left armpit where it's warm and she doesn't have to cling hard (she spends as little time in her cage and as much with me as possible =)...), she'll also cling to the inside of my shirt, kick back against my chest and snooze during the day...she doesn't bark too often (once in a blue moon), but when she does i end up losing sleep =)...i wouldn't trade her for the world tho =)

Posted by: Pockets,
Subject: none
When: 1:03 AM, 15 Oct 2000

Too cute guy's!
My "Little People" have their very own forest in the house, a USDA PPQ permit to ship in their favorite Aussy seeds, private rooms with air purifiers & humidifiers, a kitchen that is a glider grocery store - they own more dishes & eat healthier than I do.
They also have several years worth of vellux & fleece for pouches/blankets, more toys & ropes than a school, their own nature music, electric nail file, digital scale, as well as their own library of US & Aussy books & a person who is home with them all day!
My glider's spoiled "NO WAY"
I'm the one that's spoiled! So very lucky to be allowed to enjoy such wonderful creatures & share my life with them!
I only hope that I can live up to their expectations

Posted by: Oreoluva,
Subject: My Glider
When: 10:58 AM, 15 Oct 2000

I thought my glider was spoiled but the above posts made me change my mind. Anyway, Oreo doesn't have her own room or glider room. Her cage is in my room with her home-made summer pouch (green w/ little triwling bees on it),Her homemade teepee halloween pouch, her wodent wheel, and rope. Almost every second we're home we put her in a little baby blanket and carry her around. She is allowed to run in rooms or on the couch if we watch her. She doesn't get a huge supper though, or a kitchen full of glider food, just what she needs raspberry

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: To be honest with you...
When: 3:34 AM, 16 Oct 2000

after seeing all the poor gliders that are up for sale, neglected, abused and just downright not treated fairly or that they are worth anything. I believe any and all glider that have owners that care about them, care for them, are the most spoiled..

Posted by: Dawn,
Subject: none
When: 12:30 PM, 16 Oct 2000

I agree, B. It makes me feel better to read these kinds of posts after I get depressed reading about homeless or abused gliders. Thanks everyone!

Subject: none
When: 3:09 PM, 16 Oct 2000

im sorry i know you people dislike me for wanting to breed my gliders but i thought i share how spoiled my gliders are. i also have my gliders cage in my room,right next to my bed. and my glider woogie will not go to sleep until i sing to him. he will bark until i do so . i have a pouch that i lay on my stomach after playing for a few hours . and he crawls in it and then waits for me to sing a song or 2 to him . i mean it honestly he will not sleep until i do so. lol just thought i would tell you . raspberry

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: none
When: 9:06 PM, 16 Oct 2000

Jaylayna, please understand wwe don't dislike you, we gat angry at issues.. seldom people.. lol okay there are a few exceptions.. love your glider..

Posted by: Gliderlover,
Subject: none
When: 9:41 PM, 16 Oct 2000

Oh this is the best subject!! smile
Gliders are impossible not to spoil. My gliders have big cages covered with toys. I buy them a new toy almost everytime I go to a pet store (which is often). Everytime I go to the pet store I say "Awwwl I'll bet my gliders would love this!" "Oooh this looks like fun!" LOl!! Their favorite toys seem to be the parrot toys with wood and rope. I also bought them a rope ladder toy which smells like passion fruit and they love it (also their running wheel is a fun toy)! I used to be terribly afraid of insects, but now after feeding them every night, I dont even notice them. My gliders get 3-5 large, gut-loaded crickets and 1-2 king sized, gut-loaded mealworms every night. And anyone who watches me would probably find it frightening how long I spend preparing food for my gliders. I cut perfect pieces of fruit (3-4 itty bitty pieces of 6-8 different fruits) all of course I gently peel the skin, take out seeds, and I even skin the grapes! With vegetables I am just as bad and maybe worse. I often give them snow peas or sugar peas and I always take the peas out for my gliders! I feed them 6-8 different kinds of vegetables and I often try new kinds to keep them interested. I love to hear the noises of contentment as they eat. One pair a night (out of two pairs of gliders), gets the whole night to play and romp around my room which is glider-proofed. I am their tree so they spend long amounts of time climbing all over me and licking my face, neck, ears, etc. And occasionally a love nip...ouch! I love playing new games with them also, they get so excited when we play hide and seek, or chase the string! And currently I have three joeys, Gypsy (single), Roxy and Panola (twins). I love holding them and their mom's love the break smile Gypsy is just 5 weeks old and she is such a sweet little cuddler and the other two girls have just opened their eyes (now they can see me as I kiss them). They all love to cuddle in my shirt and exlore my bed (their too scared to explore any further). I could just spend forever watching their curious and adorable little faces and showing them fun new toys and games!!

Angie ;)