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Posted by: Angela,
Subject: Questions about bonding
When: 12:45 PM, 11 Oct 2000

I was wondering about quality time spent with your glider, it says between 30 min. to 3 hours a day, well mine still doesn't like to be around me when I let him out to play at night. but, i talk to him and let him run on my arm while he's in the cage (that's the only time he will). Is this still plenty of time? I was also wondering how you know if he is lonely, he seems to be content being a lone glider. but, I want to make sure. He plays outside the cage for an hour and a half a night and then goes back in to eat then I usually go to bed. I always play with him before he gets out, because he always runs from me when he's out. And he lets me pet him in his cage too. Is he still trying to bond with me, or do they like to be independent while outside the cage playing?

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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: The room
When: 2:04 PM, 11 Oct 2000

How big is the room you play with him in? They need at least 2 to 3 hrs a night outside the cage. 30 minutes a day is gonna take a long time to bond. Try playing in a really small room where there isn't much but you and the glider. Move around a lot. The glider will probably not jump off you if you are moving. Move your arms up and down so he will run the other way. If he jumps off then stand in front of him so that he will get back on you. Gliders will play on you...but soemtimes they don't really relaize how much fun you can be.

Posted by: CindynZia
Subject: none
When: 9:26 AM, 12 Oct 2000

I am also doing this with my rabbit. We go in my laundry room because its somewhat small.. and I sit in one spot in the floor so when she runs around the room she has to bump into me at some point. My bunny is very timid but shes gotten to where she will come sniff me now and sometimes Ill have treats with me so shen she comes over and I pet her or if she sits near me and lets me brush her, i give her a treat. U can do this with gliders too i use treats to lure my gliders onto my arm so i can put them in their cage at night for dinner time because my male is very mischeveious and likes to run and play hide n go seek when its time to go back in the cage. He also likes to snatch the treat from me and run off so i got to where ill just hold on for dear life LOL Definitely associate your hands with good things for them and be gentle like petting and I like to pet mine while they are in their nest because theyre usually a little sleep still and i just pet them on the head. My male ive only had since July and he is still getting use to things. He bites me atleast once a day, he even drew blood on my brother. So it will definitely take some time. Try some tips from Bourbons page. I use that and just remember to be patient more than anything. I will take a few months atleast for them to really start building a good bond. My other glider was like this. She use to bite alot as well, but she never ever bites now. I started with her about May of this year so it has been a while. Good luck!!
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