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Posted by: Danila
Subject: What do ya think?
When: 3:38 PM, 11 Oct 2000

My husband and I are thinking about getting a sugar glider, I have read the comments made on this site and I'm not sure if we should get a pair. Especially when I saw that a person got bit on their face, it makes me weary???

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Posted by: Wardy,
Subject: Probably my fault........
When: 4:11 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Please don't let my injury affect your decision on whether or not to get gliders. There are LOTS and LOTS of other considerations more important. From what I can tell, an attack of this nature isn't normal for gliders - I'm pretty confident that I probably precipitated the whole thing by bending over somewhat suddenly and frightening him - not that it hurts any less, mind you! I would say it's probably just something to keep in mind - I know I'll never forget it! Just be absolutely certain that you have hours and hours and years and years to spend caring for and playing with the little fellows. I have found them to be as demanding as a toddler once they wake their lazy butts up. I personally keep two as I think it is cruel isolating any community animal. Anyway, I just want to be fair to the gliders - this was just a freaky incident and the three of us will probably spend quite a bit of time getting over it.


Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Gliders
When: 5:59 PM, 11 Oct 2000

Gliders can make good pets..but they are really not for everyone.

They are expensive...they have very specific dietary requirements..its very hard to find a good vet....they hide their illness till the last minute..they are nocturnal..they require several hrs of playtime daily..they are illegal in some places..some of them smell pretty bad....they need really large cages...they do not get along with other animals...they can live up to 15 years...they do bite and scratch and that can hurt pretty badly....they pee and poop on everything especially people....some make a lot of noise at night...information is always changing so you must constantly read new reaserch.

There is a lot more. gliders are deffinitly not good pets for most people. A lot of people even say they would not have gotten a glider if they really knew what they were like. I love gliders, but I admit they are by far the hardest animal to keep that I have ever owned.

There are many more gliders for sell these days then there are people that wnat to buy them. Most glider owners do not even keep them a year before they sell or give them away.

Do LOTS anfd lots of reaserch on them. Read read and read for several months. Spend time with gliders if you can. Don't even consider buying a glider until you can find a good glider vet that knows what they are talking about.

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