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Posted by: Kara,
Subject: Making New Friends
When: 4:22 PM, 11 Oct 2000

I just got a new baby glider and I already have another one that is about one year and three months. I have split their cage in half and I switch their blankets, I let them smell each other and I let them get a little close once and the older one got really interesed and grabbed the babies fur and licked it, or maybe he bite it I couldn't really see. The older on doesn't really attack him but I am really nervous. And the second Question is that the older one bites sometimes, and I don't know how to get her to stop what can I do to help her to stop and not let the little one start?? raspberry

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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Ages..sexes
When: 5:49 PM, 11 Oct 2000

What sex are the two gliders? Also you says its a old? The new glider needs to be at least 1/3 the size of the older one so that they can protect themselves.

As for biting try giving lots of licky treats so the glider will lick not bite. Also when the glider bites say NO really loud. Do not jerk away.