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Posted by: Kyla,
Subject: Changing colour?!?!
When: 1:11 AM, 12 Oct 2000

My female of 4 years is changing colour. She used to be a bright and colourful grey and now shes going redish brown. I read somewhere that they turn brown in the wild becuase of sap and other elemements. Her cage is very clean, and her diet is 3/4 fruit and about 1/4 protien also yogurt and treats on the side. I've been feeding this diet to her for years so why would her colour change now? The only strange thing that has happend is I removed her mate from the cage and left her with her daughter so she wouldn't breed anymore? I'm not really concerned about it being a health issue I just want to know what it is.

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Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: none
When: 10:10 PM, 12 Oct 2000

Not all brownish gliders are 'wildcaught' nor is it diet related.
I have 1 of 6 that is brown (IrishCreme)- BUT she's on the identical diet everyone else is.

As for why?? smile Dont honestly know... maybe simple genetics? Or possibly the cage-mate change - although Id say that's stretching it.