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Posted by: angi,
Subject: feeding--save money
When: 4:32 PM, 12 Oct 2000

i have also found a cheap way to feed my glider.

people are always saying nuts and seeds and such are great for gliders and since they have to be unsalted, why not bird food?? i bought a bag of wild bird food (a mix with different sunflower seeds and corn etc) and panik absolutely loves it...i mix it in with other things and have had no complaints!!!

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: Birdseed
When: 4:39 PM, 12 Oct 2000

Your glider needs much much more than birdseed mixed with something else (by the way, what are you talking about).
They need a balanced diet of protien/fruits/veggies. Also remember that the sunflower seeds are high in fat so should not be used as a regular diet.
I believe that some of the seeds can also cause intestinal blockage if feed on a regular basis. It may be less expensive now, but possibly MORE EXPENSIVE down the road.
Just my thoughts ;)

Posted by: Maria,
Subject: none
When: 6:04 PM, 12 Oct 2000

Seeds can get lodged in the ceacum (kind of like an apendix) and cause severe intestinal problems leading to death. An occasional sunflower seed isn't going to create problems, but feeding bird seed will wind up killing your glider. You need to feed your gliders a healthy diet, not a cheap one.

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Bad idea
When: 9:06 PM, 12 Oct 2000

Bird food is bad for the very reasons Mria posted...a good glider vet will tell you to never feed it to a glider as it can cause problems later on. It deffinitly isn't much of a diet either.

Do you have a diet plan for your glider?

They need 33% protien with a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1.

Posted by: Gliderlover
Subject: none
When: 3:21 AM, 14 Oct 2000

You must be extremely careful when planning a diet for your sugar glider. You have to remember that bird food is made for birds, hamster food is made for hamsters, cat food is made for cats. And since there really isn't a suitable dry diet for sugar gliders, you need to spend time planning everything. Fruit, vegetables, leadbeaters mix, and insects. The best page available right now for diet is:
<a href=></a>
It has a popular version of leadbeaters mix along with food information. There is a dry pellet food that you can feed your gliders, but I dont recommend it from experience (my glider dont like it, its boring, the ingredients aren't to my liking, and it smells icky). Though many people swear by it. Good luck!! ;)

Posted by: Lindsay, Heavenonearth442
Subject: oh YIKES
When: 10:19 PM, 14 Oct 2000

Come on people do your research! Angi you shouldnt be llokin for a "CHEAP WAY" to feed your glider you should look for the right way to feed your glider not whatever is easiet or cheapest