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Posted by: chrissy, crisi
Subject: 2" just curious" questions
When: 12:51 AM, 13 Oct 2000

#1 what do you think about burning incense anywhere around your gliders cage "notyour glider while they are out" do you think that the smell would be BAD for their lungs???

#2 Can you feed (or use as bedding) timothy hay? it says on the bag "natures own food for hamsters,gerbils,rabbits,guinea pigs, mice, and other small pets. the guaranteed analysis:
crude protien,notless than ...7%
crude fat not less than.......2.25%
cude fiber,not more than......30%
Moisture,not more than........14%
I was wondering because I was interested in using it as bedding for them interested in all opinions.... thanks

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Subject: none
When: 11:48 AM, 13 Oct 2000

ok about the incense no dont do it , i dont think that it would be good for the glider at all. but about the nesting i think it would be ok but you'll definetly have to change it alot because it will smell !!! good luck

Posted by: Jim M
Subject: none
When: 1:24 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I agree with Jalayna. DO NOT BURN THE INCENSE AROUND THEM! Their lungs are minutia compared to ours. Our bodies can handle alot of irritants, but these little guys probably can't (I never assume they can, in other words). If I buy bedding or food at the pet stores, I stay away from stuff you cannot understand on the list of ingredients, such as Yellow #5. I know I let my gliders sleep in a wool ferret tube and I use old t-shirts, cut up, for them to snuggle in. Anyway, Good luck!

Posted by: Maria,
Subject: none
When: 2:50 PM, 13 Oct 2000

Timothy hay can grow moldy very easily. It can also be very dusty. I wouldn't use it for my gliders. smile