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Posted by: Sean
Subject: Juice, travel...
When: 3:54 AM, 13 Oct 2000

Juno really loves orange juice, the kind you get @ the store frozen and mix up with H2O. Is there any kind of problem with her drinking it? Sugar content or anything? I gave her a little dish of it (about 1/2 tbsp) and she guzzled it =).
My other question is about traveling. I've had Juno for about 4 months now, she's at the point where she'll sleep in my shirt, like in the sleeves and whatnot, up against me, and I'd like to take her with me when I go to classes during the day...she spends pretty much evenings and nights either in my shirt or playing in her jungle. Any suggestions for how to keep her safe with me, how do other people travel with their gliders?


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Subject: none
When: 11:39 AM, 13 Oct 2000

hi ,
orange juice i guess would be ok , for a treat , but not an everyday thing . about the traveling i dont think it would be such a great idea. but thats just my opinion. my friend had a glider and she take him everywhere with her and he finally got so tired of it , and he passed away frown . now im not saying it was because of her taking him out but the doctor said it was because he was stressed out. well good luck to you .

Posted by: Gliderlover
Subject: none
When: 11:53 AM, 13 Oct 2000

You have to be really careful with orange juice because it can cause diarrhea. It is very acidic. So for juice maybe you can try unsweetened apple juice, its a good treat every once in a while. Just make sure that your glider is drinking water too, if given a choice a glider may drink only juice and that isn't good. smile
I dont know much about traveling with glider because I dont do it often. I find that it disturbs their natural sleeping patterns and causes unnecassary stress. But it is a good way to bond. To be safe you may want to buy a bonding pouch (one that closes with velcro) so that your glider cant escape by accident. Then carry her around, but make sure that it is not too hot or cold where you are, and make sure to carry supplies. Bring along a water bottle and some treats and check up on her sometimes. Good luck! ;)

Posted by: TammyH,
Subject: none
When: 12:03 PM, 13 Oct 2000

With regard to the juice, I agree with Jaylana. A little bit (watered down) every once in a while would be okay, but all the time -- probably not. I have read that excessive citrus can give a glider the runs which could result in dehydration which could lead to death -- orange juice is concentrated citrus.

With regard to running about, when each of my animals were younger (less than 9 months old) they went pretty much every where with us -- primarily, because they slept most of the time and very little could disturb them.

However, as adults, it doesnt take much to disturb them -- Sometimes just getting the pouch out of the cage will usually wake them up enough so that they'll leave it and go find some place else (where they wont be bothered) to go back to sleep.

Mine can no longer be out and about with me. They won't settle in and sleep -- When I move around, they insist on figgiting. When I sit, they insist on leaving my person to find somewhere else to sleep.

I have seen where several people are lucky enough to have adult gliders that stay with them while out and about town, but not mine. I have had more than one scare of losing them because of their antics.

My babies are well behaved (at home) and I love them to much to risk them

Posted by: Robin,
Subject: none
When: 12:18 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I take my Kiki everywhere with me, including work, shopping, etc. I have a bonding pouch that has a drawstring top so she can't escape. The other day I went to work and thought I'd leave her home to sleep, and she wouldn't come out to play with me that night! The next day when it was time to go to work, she climbed straight into her pouch to go with me. She has a small pillow and "blanket" (an old piece of a soft cut-up tank top with my smell) that she curls up in if she gets a chill.

I don't know if all gliders will travel so well, but I'm sure the younger you train them, the more familiar they will become with you and the idea of staying in the pouch or pocket to sleep. Just start training around the house so you know how he/she will react before you take them out where they could escape and get hurt.

PS- it's always a good idea to help the training process by offering a small treat periodically in the pouch. I give her a small piece of dried fruit about every four hours when I check on her. She usually munches it and curls back up to sleep.

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Never had a problem
When: 12:36 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I started pouch training Peep the first day I got him.....he has never had a problem. It does not keep him from sleeping at all. He never wake sup uunless I wake him for a treat. Once they get used to the movemnt then it doesn't bother sleeping at all....but you have to be consistent...if you only take them once in awhiel then they won't be used to it and not sleep as well.

As for the orange juice it is citrus so don't give too much..but a little is okay.