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Posted by: The Sugar Pouch,
Subject: Pregnant Women and Gliders..??
When: 6:31 AM, 13 Oct 2000

A friend of mine who runs a sugar glider rescue, who is also pregnant, had heard that the same "bacteria" (for lack of a better word) that is found with cats and their litter boxes, can be found inside female gliders pouches....?????
Has anyone else heard of such a thing. She was told that all women who own gliders and are expecting, or planning to become pregnant, should take their gliders into their vet to run cultures, to make sure they are not carriers.
Does anyone have experience with this???

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The Sugar Pouch
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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Bacteria
When: 4:24 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I have never heard this before and have known many women to be pregnant while having gliders..and they have had no problems. I find it unlikely that glider carry it considering gliders can die from it if they come in contact with cat feces. However getting the pouches checked wouldn't hurt nayhting. Do you know where they heard this? It might be true I have just never heard of it.

Posted by: Kit
Subject: toxoplasmosis
When: 11:35 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I believe its toxoplasmosis they are referring to. If it's not that it's close.

Gliders are subject to toxoplasmosis if they get into dirty cat box. Then they can get it and obviously carry it. I haven't read anything anywhere saying that their feces is like a cats on that though. I did read that they are subject to it if they were to play in the litter box. The best is to keep the kitty away from gliders, and kitty boxes.

I just read this the other day, and I can't remember where it was. If I remember I'll post it. I'm sure others will post on it. Hope this helps