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Posted by: Skyler, RoxyCLF
Subject: diarrhea
When: 12:53 PM, 13 Oct 2000

Hi, this morning when I went to play with Skyler, my glider, I noticed that he had diarrhea. It wasnt to bad, but its not normal. He usually has hard poop. he doesn't seem as if he were under stress. Last night his meal was.... A table spoon of leadbeaters and some straw berry yogurt with 3 mealies. I might have put a little to much yogurt in, but if you can think of anything else that would be causing this please write back. Please!
Courtney(me) and skyler my Glider raspberry

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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Vet
When: 4:10 PM, 13 Oct 2000

The vet is the best person to ask this. Have you recenly changed diets? Sometimes a change in diet, stress, and parasites.

As I posted on another post my glider had girardia...this caused him to have it could be a parasite.

Just go to the vet...the vet needs to analyz the poop and see if its ok..they can also give him something to stop it.

Posted by: Skyler, RoxyCLF
Subject: Mary
When: 11:23 PM, 13 Oct 2000

thanks for all the help but an hour later after he had the diarrhea, it was all gone. no more, just like that. I think he might of had an upset tummy, but nothing more.
Courtney(me) and skyler my crazy glider raspberry

Posted by: Judie,
Subject: none
When: 11:25 PM, 13 Oct 2000

More than likely it was the yogurt. Be sure to use fat free and plain yogurt. I just mix a little fruit in it. Might want to give just a teaspoon of it twice a week.

Posted by: Lindsay, Heavenonearth442
Subject: fruits and veggies???
When: 10:36 PM, 14 Oct 2000

Hey skyler wheres the fruits and veggies in that???? leadbeaters and strawberry yogurt and mealies thats it???