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Posted by: Cruising Gliders,
Subject: Congratulations to Bourbon
When: 5:16 PM, 13 Oct 2000


Her glider web page has won an award and is being featured in the "300 Incredible Things for Pet Lovers on the Internet" by Bob Vella Host of the nationally syndicated radio show Pet Talk
America( and Ken Leebow who is known as 'Mr. Internet.'

We're really proud of you Bourbon and appreciate all you have done for the glider community. smile

Thank you for always being there! wink

Paula and The Cruising Gliders

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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Wow!!!
When: 5:40 PM, 13 Oct 2000

Thats amazing!! Way to go!!!

Posted by: Eric Coleman ,
Subject: none
When: 6:05 PM, 13 Oct 2000

Thats awesome! You go girl!!! smile

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: none
When: 6:13 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I do have to call and make the appointmnt for the talk show interview, but..still I am very excited about all this...
Cruisin Gliders, I see what you did, you took the focas off you lol, as i was going to tell although you wouldn't wink
But in all seriousness, I want to thank all owners that have made my site what it is.. for glider owners, by glider owners.. Thanks again

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 9:44 PM, 13 Oct 2000

I want a personal e-mail giving me all the details of the show so I won't miss it. I also want to tape it for the kids at school.
Way to go Bourbon. I will be able to tell people ... yeah, and I talked to her all the time BEFORE she became a star raspberry

Posted by: Dawn,
Subject: none
When: 9:47 PM, 13 Oct 2000

Hot damn, way to go! raspberry

Posted by: Robin,
Subject: none
When: 10:04 PM, 13 Oct 2000

Please post the details of the show so we can all listen and share in the glory and knowledge. It's so easy to see why you're site has won the award. It's simply the best!


Posted by: Skyler, RoxyCLF
Subject: Congrats!!!!
When: 11:27 PM, 13 Oct 2000

awesome job! Wait a go! and most importantly Congrats!!!