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Posted by: Diane,
Subject: How can you tell when to take
When: 12:43 AM, 14 Oct 2000

then from the mom I'am not sure how to tell if the last baby is being feed by the mom i see him sitting underneath her and it looks like he's sucking but how can i tell and how do you know if he is dehydrated what are the signs of being abandoned Parents are always running to the babys side when i come in the room or even the mom is with him oe the dad is does that mean they are still taking care of him???? Help

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 1:06 AM, 14 Oct 2000

Yes, it sounds like they are still taking care of him. How many weeks oop is he? If you are not keeping him, you should leave him with his parents at least until he is 8 weeks oop. He should be eating/pooping/peeing on his own and his tail should be fully bushed.
Hope this helps.