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Posted by: collette,
Subject: new glider problem
When: 6:47 AM, 14 Oct 2000

a freind got a new glider , 8 week oop male, for her female she's had for 3 months. the male is fat cheeked and smelly. when she got him the breeder got bit by the mother when she got him out of the cage. the male is crabby and bites. the older glider (who used to be sweet and the darling of the house) is acting weird now, running around her cage and biting my freind now. my friends mom wants her to take the glider back to the breeder and get her money back (friend is about 22 years old but lives at home) the female is acting wierd cos of the new addition. what could the smell be? i told her to clean him with a wet cloth which she has done a few times now. i'd hate to see the little guy shipped back home and abandoned. but what to do if they can't mix. i know some times it takes time but its the fact he was fat and chubby cheeked at 8 wks oop and smelly and crabby that bother me.

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Posted by: courtney,
Subject: none
When: 7:47 AM, 14 Oct 2000

Try to fe both of the sugar gliders a peice of fruit each day . The smellis probly from his glands.

Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: not a problem...
When: 7:50 PM, 15 Oct 2000

Seperate the gliders into seperate cages asap.

Keep working with the female. Concentrate on her and be sure to handle her before him - so that his scent doesnt upset her. Shes the one that had been handleable - dont let that slip. She'll turn around with a little patience and effort.

Leave him be for a few days. Let him adjust to the new environment. He's stressed! Get him on a proper diet and be sure to keep his cage very clean. The odor will fade slowly. (Chances are he needs to 'air out' especially if the breeder cannot handle them well.)
Start all over with him. Yes, back to step #1. Refer to B.'s bonding page.

Do not introduce them until BOTH gliders are responsive to you - or you'll be back to step #1 all over again.

Good luck!