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Posted by: sarah
Subject: introducing new sugar gliders?
When: 11:13 AM, 15 Oct 2000

i've had a sugarglider for 7 months, and i have always heard that they are best in pairs, so i just bought another one. The new one is 2 months old. i kept them in seperate cages, close together, for three days now. the older one keeps attacking the younger one everytime i try to introduce them together and now the younger one is really scared all the time. can anyone help me about what i can do?

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Subject: none
When: 12:29 PM, 15 Oct 2000

well first of all i have the same problem right now. a 7 month glider and a 2 month glider should not be put together . you should wait until the glider gets older so he/she could protect him/herself. i have been told you should wait until the glider is at least 6months.. the older glider thinks that it is her/his tertitory, and will become a bully to the other glider. it will take some time. good luck! ;)

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 1:34 PM, 15 Oct 2000

I also had two gliders to be introduced, and I left their cages side by side for about three months. This may be longer than most people want to leave them, but when introduced they had absolutely no problems whatsoever.
You can also switch bedding and/or even cages every week or so. This will also help with the introduction.

Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: none
When: 7:19 PM, 15 Oct 2000

You'll have to wait til the little one is bigger and can take care of herself...
And when that time eventually comes -
Another thing that I have found that works is switching the gliders from one cage to the other. This way they are surrounded by the scent of the other one and it becomes familiar to them.
It DOES get a bit stinky - with them scenting over each others marks - but it worked well and fairly quickly with gliders of similiar size.