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Posted by: Bobbi,
Subject: I'm looking for an expert in..
When: 9:07 PM, 16 Oct 2000

Hi, my name is Bobbi Keener. I am a first year veterinary student at Kansas State University. I am looking for someone with knowledge in raising sugar gliders. I am having difficulties raising the babies from my pair of sugar gliders. I would like to know what you feed the momma, her attitude, among other questions. I am having a problem in that my female has the babies (OOP) and within 7 days I find one dead (eaten mostly). This last time I lost both of the babies in the same manner. I noticed that one the babies seemed to get weaker, therefore I am wondering about the diet I am feeding. Other times I didn't have a clue, they seemed healthy.

Anyway I am looking for YOU! You can either give your recommendations or just give me an email address and I can get a hold of you. THANKS for your time, and I hope to hear from you!


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Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Diet
When: 9:32 PM, 16 Oct 2000

In most cases this is diet related..but not always. What diet are you feeding?

Posted by: Sheila,
Subject: none
When: 2:47 AM, 17 Oct 2000

You can email me and I can try and help you. I am a licensed breeder with 9 gliders.