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Posted by: david,
Subject: i need help
When: 2:22 AM, 17 Oct 2000

Hello my anme is David and my gliders name is Codie. I am having a hard time tryign to get codie to become social. the last people that had him wernt very nice so i dont knwo what to do. plz plz plz send me anything to help me tame the Code man. thanks

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Posted by: Jerm
Subject: none
When: 4:41 PM, 17 Oct 2000

have u tried to use fruit or a bonding pouch they work very good.If u wake it up in the day when it is sleepy it may be easier to handle it.It may take a while but dont give up Cody will cime around some time.

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Website
When: 5:23 PM, 17 Oct 2000

Bourbons bonding page will work wonders for you. Its great bonding advice! Please read it and start at the begging. Follow it word for word. Do not move to the next step until your glider is ready. Good luck!!

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