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Posted by: Brittney Jones,
Subject: fat glider
When: 11:40 AM, 17 Oct 2000

I recently adopted two sugar gliders from a woman who no longer had enough time to give them. When I got them, one of the gliders, Edgar, was rather fat. He's about twice the size of my other gliders.

I know that it is very unhealthy for gliders to be overweight. What health problems should I be looking for? What are the symptoms?

What diet should I put him on to help him slim down? He is in the same cage as my other gliders. Do I need to separate them while he is on a special diet?

Right now I am feeding them bourbon's leadbeaters mix, meal worms, fruits, veggies, rep cal, hardboiled egg whites, and boiled chicken breast (once or twice a week). Is this diet balanced correctly? I just wanted to check and make sure that I was doing everything right.

I would greatly appreciate any advice.