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Posted by: Emma Wiggins,
Subject: potty training
When: 4:27 PM, 17 Oct 2000

Is it possible to train my sugar glider so that he can run free out of his cage without me having to worry about him messing up my sofa or carpeting?

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Posted by: Jerm
Subject: none
When: 4:36 PM, 17 Oct 2000

You probably wont be able to potty train these animals they arent like dogs or cats and they dont respond to punishment so you cant potty train.

Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Nope
When: 5:27 PM, 17 Oct 2000

Gliders are tree dwelling animals...the go where they feel like when they feel like it. You can minimize it...but they will still go where they please. You can hold them on a paper towel when they first wake up...but while playing they will go when they have to.