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Used/New Cage Set Items - wheels

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Used/New Cage Set Items - wheels (Rio Rancho, NM, 87144)

Posted on Jul 21 2018 at 01:01:40 PM
Seller Info: viciousencounters | Login to Email | United States (IP: 184.155.230.xx) Info
After many years my gliders have all glided across the rainbow bridge. I would really like to move on and I am looking to sell their belongings.

I have 4 wheels: red custom choice cruiser, green raptor, grey homemade wheel, and a lime green fast track glider treadmill. You can see them all at my CL listing:
But I don't know how I'd ship these so we'd need to work that out.

Some of you may realize I am the same person who sold and made cage sets and pouches for the glider community. I have a weird menagerie of pouches & cage sets in various conditions. I have 6 "cage sets" some with 3 items, others with 8 pieces up for grabs. These sets include some of my best selling pouches like 2 "cubed caves", 3 "canopy covers", and 1 "starcove". I'm sure most of you don't know what these silly names are so here is an old listing with all 3 unique pouch styles:

I'm asking $80 + shipping for all the pouches together.

I also have a black and red fur backpack that is not yet finished. I would be happy to finish this backpack for 60$ plus shipping.