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 Sugar Gliders

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Rita Posted - Sep 20 2008 : 03:17:38 PM
The purpose of this post is to get as many health related links and articles all in one place for easy reference. Please feel free to bookmark for future reference.

Symptoms of a Sick Glider:

Health & Your Glider:

Rheasha's article regarding Self Mutilation:

Gliderpedia article on Emergency Preparation Kits:

Some other things I have for emergency purposes are:

Vet cage. This is a small cage used to take the suggies to the Vet, The measurements are 12" H x 12" W x 6" D. I also have a small, clean water bottle in a baggie that goes with it. It has a handle on the top for easy handling.

Hospital/Evacuation Cage. Again, this is a small cage which is used to quarantine a new suggie or house a sick one. It can also easily fit into the back of my Explorer. The measurements are: 24" H x 18" L x 18" D. It also has a handle on the top for easy handling. It also has a water bottle in a baggie inside it. (this might be the place to store any evacuation items.)

Magnifying Glasses. Because suggies are so small and I am old. This helps with nail clipping and seeing anything on them that I cant with a naked eye.

Iodine. A wound disinfectant and cleanser.

Hand Sanitizer. Self-explanatory

Travel Syringes. These are needle-less syringes that are in a plastic container with cap.

Suz's Video on How to do a Dehydration Test. (This glider is not dehydrated - notice how the skin goes back down immediately. If the glider is dehydrated - the skin goes down very slowly)

Help for a Rejected Joey:

Glider Anatomy:

Wellness Exams:

Peridontal Disease:

How to Make an E-Collar:

Giving Oral Medication:

Oxalate Content of Food:

Feel free to add any links and articles you want to share.

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bschuettler Posted - Nov 11 2012 : 05:03:18 PM
Originally posted by sjones5254

needs a bump

Thank you!
sjones5254 Posted - Nov 11 2012 : 04:58:28 PM
needs a bump
sjones5254 Posted - Jul 11 2012 : 02:35:41 PM
Always needs a BUMP
som3randomp3rson Posted - May 16 2012 : 09:57:52 AM
This is great! I'm new, and I hadn't seen this yet. Thanks for bumping it guys!
Moriko Posted - May 16 2012 : 02:43:46 AM
Bump. :)
kyro298 Posted - Apr 26 2012 : 09:45:55 PM
Rita Posted - Apr 14 2012 : 04:04:02 PM
sjones5254 Posted - Apr 03 2012 : 09:29:55 AM
Bumping for newbies :)
sjones5254 Posted - Feb 15 2012 : 03:39:42 PM
Rita Posted - Feb 02 2012 : 03:39:32 PM
Originally posted by sjones5254

Originally posted by Rita

It's so nice to see this post is still appreciated! It was started in 2008 but the information still stands true today. Bookmark it!

Miss seeing your posts Rita

Thank you so much! Life changed suddenly overnight a couple of years ago - making it difficult for me to spend as much time here as I would like. Ive learned you never know what the day will bring you...

Things are getting back to some sort of new normal..whateve normal is
sjones5254 Posted - Feb 02 2012 : 01:25:15 PM
Originally posted by Rita

It's so nice to see this post is still appreciated! It was started in 2008 but the information still stands true today. Bookmark it!

Miss seeing your posts Rita
Rita Posted - Feb 02 2012 : 01:23:49 PM
It's so nice to see this post is still appreciated! It was started in 2008 but the information still stands true today. Bookmark it!
sjones5254 Posted - Feb 02 2012 : 12:41:17 PM
sjones5254 Posted - Jan 30 2012 : 01:32:40 PM
This needs to be a sticky :)
kyro298 Posted - Jan 30 2012 : 01:26:28 PM
This needs a huge bump
Rita Posted - Dec 13 2011 : 09:23:04 PM
Time for this to be bumped again. The post needs cleaned up but there is a lot of good information for new owners all centrally located.
kyro298 Posted - Dec 05 2011 : 11:25:55 AM
Bumping again! PLEASE READ THROUGH AND BOOKMARK THIS IF YOU DON'T BOOKMARK ANY OTHER THREAD ON THIS SITE. To bookmark, there's a handy little tab you click at the top right of this thread. To access your bookmarks, there's another handy little tab up top next to your "Private Messages" link.
RChurch Posted - Nov 02 2011 : 09:27:23 AM
Just bumping this up for those who haven't seen & bookmarked this yet!
RChurch Posted - Oct 29 2011 : 10:43:47 AM
Thank you for posting this! The pictures are a great help so you know what to look for!
kyro298 Posted - Oct 27 2011 : 01:05:21 PM
Lady Tiko Posted - Aug 11 2011 : 10:06:09 AM
I bookmarked this page back in the day and I swear I learn something new each time I go back to it.
YoungGun Posted - Aug 10 2011 : 04:00:31 AM
To the bump get bumpier bump jump bubump!
Moriko Posted - Aug 10 2011 : 01:33:56 AM
Bumpity bump bump!

kyro298 Posted - Jul 15 2011 : 12:43:13 AM
This is in serious need of a BUMP. PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS. It's worth taking the time to skim through so you know what topics are in here. Most questions asked on a daily basis are hidden in here somewhere. This is PRICELESS info!!
Rita Posted - Apr 21 2011 : 03:46:34 PM
Bumping for new owners
misscarl Posted - Apr 04 2011 : 11:17:44 PM
those WERE gruesome, but i asked for it. i just think its important to know how risky it is to breed gliders.
kyro298 Posted - Apr 04 2011 : 11:07:58 PM
There are some pretty gruesome ones in the Gliderpedia:

Luckyglider has posts with them as well but these are from his photo album since I don't have the posts specifically or the patience to find them at the moment:

misscarl Posted - Apr 04 2011 : 09:26:31 PM
has any one ever considered putting mating wound pictures up? i know it would be graphic, but maybe it could discourage people from breeding before they are fully prepared. just a thought.
Rita Posted - Apr 03 2011 : 11:45:21 AM
Bumping for new members
Rita Posted - Feb 01 2011 : 10:51:28 PM
bumping for new owners