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 Sugar Gliders
 show your CAGES!!

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
stepakapets101 Posted - May 09 2009 : 01:29:37 PM
Hello everyone! just wanted to see what kinda cages yall have.
I am looking into ither building a cage or buying one, I already have one in mind but I just wanna see what everyone has.

if you could post pictures, mesurments and how much it was it would be really appretiated!!!

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awharper Posted - Nov 20 2022 : 05:06:03 PM
Please tell me how you keep your cages from rotting or rusting due to their urine?
ecrawford10 Posted - Dec 30 2020 : 09:56:50 AM
Originally posted by Nicole87

It's the one all the way at the bottom

The Majestic Sugar Glider Cage (LSG-580)

30" x 30" x 60"
Upper and lower balconies
Front and side doors
2" plastic pan
$263...but it's HUGE. My gliders love it.

TJones09 Posted - Jan 14 2017 : 10:42:25 AM
The size looks okay from what I can tell for a pair of gliders and the bar spacing looks okay as well. My thoughts are this cage would be fine to use, but it wouldn't hurt to set up a "new cage fund" to be able to purchase a more sturdy and easier to access cage in the future. This cage could last a while, but it wouldn't hurt to be ready to upgrade when the time comes that you need to.

Your set up looks good! I'm guessing the wheel is one of the newer axle-free wheels made by Silent Runner (?). I do recommend removing the rope toy though, fraying ropes can tangle on glider's nails. I'm sure your gliders are enjoying their space!
Shani Posted - Jan 13 2017 : 11:20:44 AM
this is my cage. It's a bird cage. It came with my gliders. The pepole are the store say that it's good but I know it's not a glider cage. Is this really bad? Please be nicertain. I'm not to owning sugar gliders so I want to know if I need a new cage asap? I've been looking to buy the Madagascar cage at some point.
BYK_Chainsaw Posted - Jul 29 2016 : 08:46:19 PM
Originally posted by TJones09

It is interesting how you made that cage partial up top and have the other cage below. Are you planning on introductions and expanding your home-made cage size?

It looks under close inspection, that there is a tube in the center connecting the two cages together, unless that is an opticaldelusion.
TJones09 Posted - Jul 29 2016 : 06:38:56 PM
It is interesting how you made that cage partial up top and have the other cage below. Are you planning on introductions and expanding your home-made cage size?
iammommadukes Posted - Jul 29 2016 : 12:55:02 PM
Sweepea Posted - Mar 08 2016 : 06:52:29 PM
Thank you T Jones!!
TJones09 Posted - Mar 08 2016 : 06:26:28 PM
Nice cage Sweetpea! I bet your babies do not get bored with all the activities to choose from.
Sweepea Posted - Mar 04 2016 : 05:58:32 PM
Been looking for one of these threads I started one as well I love seeing everyone's cage set ups.

Specter Curmudgeon Posted - Dec 24 2014 : 02:55:42 AM
I just got the Madagascar cage for the wonderful little boy I was lucky enough to have rehomed with me. I honestly thought it would be too small for more tan one and sometimes I feel like it still is. He had a wheel in his little cage from pocket pal (guessing because of what he came with and the fact was sold as a solo to a pregnant woman who 'wanted something to cuddle' till she had her baby...) After reading the horrors of those cages and the damage they could do to the babies glad I got a cage now and did not wait till It was easier on my wallet. My big concern is he used to play on his wheel pretty non stop even though it was a old school flimsy thing It was the only thing he could enjoy but since moving into his new cage he tried out the flying saucer floor wheel and he barely even looks hard at it. I guess I need to try a higher end wheel that can attach to the side of the cage but it makes me sad that now he has to wait to get his favorite thing. I had tried hooking his old wheel in the new cage even though it was not the safest and would only have it in when I could watch him but he was no longer interested in his favorite toy. I feel bad that he is not getting the same amount of exercise
TJones09 Posted - Dec 23 2014 : 11:09:13 AM
Originally posted by denparkin

I think I'm one of the few who actually like the Critter Nation cages. I like that the doors open all the way and I find it makes scrubbing the bars much easier. A lot of people think you have to have the shelf in the middle, but you don't! You can also add another 2 ft level to the cage, which I may do in the future. I'm still building up and collecting things to keep my gliders occupied, but here is the start.

I've seen Critter Nation cages, but not too many. They are nice looking and I've read they are good quality cages as well as HQ. I would have liked to have seen photos of more in use, those large doors are a big plus! The reason I personally stuck with the HQ cages was the vertical bars, I use silos which work better in vertical bars, the can be rigged I'm sure to use with the horizontal, I'm sure, but the other is just easier; and I'm still confused on the drop pan on Critter Nation. If it weren't for those two preferences, I maybe would have gone that route.

Can you please post more photos of your cage, I'd love to see more of them in use, and believe it would be a good example to have to show members.
denparkin Posted - Dec 23 2014 : 10:38:11 AM
I think I'm one of the few who actually like the Critter Nation cages. I like that the doors open all the way and I find it makes scrubbing the bars much easier. A lot of people think you have to have the shelf in the middle, but you don't! You can also add another 2 ft level to the cage, which I may do in the future. I'm still building up and collecting things to keep my gliders occupied, but here is the start.

TJones09 Posted - Dec 22 2014 : 08:22:03 PM
Awe, I wanted to do a Christmas cage, ever since I've had suggies. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a set together as of yet. I'm hoping to learn how to sew on my machine this coming year and learn how to make cage items, then I can make my own, if not I'll order from someone in time hopefully. I did make a Christmas toy last year, but that's in a box in storage atm, and I haven't really had time to go look for it.

I do like your glider's Christmas cage!
DobbieandDelilah Posted - Dec 22 2014 : 07:48:58 PM
so this is Dobbie and Delilah's Christmas cage for this year.

TJones09 Posted - Dec 22 2014 : 05:45:27 PM
Here are some photos of current accessories and how they're set up, things change often in there, sometimes little changes, other times big ones.

This is the upper, left (facing) side portion, it includes: The corner shelf, used for serving HPW and a bowl of f/v combo (used to serve their portions in two bowls up there, but Ollie gets fussy at the girls now), currently they have a tunnel and monkeys hanging from a chain, they love pulling these down. A swinging, climbing toy (large baby links), a hanging diner under the shelf (a second level f/v bowl), above center you can see part of the square hammock for there R&R pleasure, a strawberry gives them a little something to explore.

Looking forward and a little farther down you can see part of some other toys and accessories.

Lower back corner of same side (left facing), they have a tree house (sits on a plate now) and you can see portions of the braided fleece ladder (used as bridge) it has a few palm trees sticking out for them to pull out. You can see part of the wheel and toy bin there are on the floor as well.

Moving over to the right side of the floor, there is their third diner (f/v bowl)in the back corner and part of their large fake branch (in vertical position) holding cups for foraging.

Up to the top right side, is a hanging pineapple toy, I put pom poms in those types and they like to pull them out and toss about the cage, a wood perch sits in front of that, and a little lower down you can see their second wheel, this time it's the travel sized wheel, for something a little different. You can see their sleeping pouch that hangs in the very front of the right side, but the square hammock at the top can be seen better in this picture. They sleep in the pouch during the daytime. Also the water silo is at the top right side in front, you can't see in photo.

An extra shot, I didn't get one including the water silo, but it hangs in corner above their pouch.

eclipseSA Posted - Dec 22 2014 : 01:40:09 AM
I spoke to the breeder yesterday and he makes sugarglider cages in any style or size you want. He makes wood or metal cages. I priced them and they are affordable - 200USD. I would really like to go with the wood so that it blends in with my apartment. I am aware that SG's chew and wood is harder to keep clean - is there anyone here who has a wooden cage?
eclipseSA Posted - Dec 22 2014 : 12:20:21 AM
Originally posted by Candy

Most standard cages do not offer enough room for gliders to really glide but they do seem to like some open space in the cage for jumping from one side to the other.

My gliders will only glide when they can get somewhere high like the top of the window blinds or curtain rod where they can really launch themselves a pretty good distance.

Thank you Candy - so many things to research and make sure are sorted before even thinking of bringing them home!
TJones09 Posted - Dec 21 2014 : 03:34:41 PM
First, to: Fairygirl and Trina, I love your cages you guys made. They are both interesting and cleverly designed with the doors/access. You both have very lucky gliders!

About cage accessories:

Although the mesh accessories are neat, I don't recommend a full set of them. It's better to have a fleece set, then add one to a few pieces of mesh accessories. It's also nice to be able to used different arrangements from time to time. Most gliders prefer the privacy and warmth of fleece accessories, but the mesh gives them a different option for change, both if using mesh at all should be available in the cage.

I read you have your wheel and diners already, good start. You would definitely need either two water bottles or one or two good water silos, I use these in regular size. You can have two, but since they can't fail as long as they contain water, you don't have to have two, I just use one.

They are easier to clean than water bottles.

Now, moving on to toys and accessories: I know I've seen lists around, but can't locate any atm. I will try to list some basics, but also, look at the cage photos in this thread and see what other's have in their cages.

1. There are some items that aren't best to be kept in cages with gliders, including rope, if using a rope item, please, inspect daily for any fraying, as these can pose danger to suggie nails and toes.

2. Make sure your wheel is a suggie safe wheel, while other types of wheels are good for some pets, the suggie anatomy requires a more particular design to be considered safer, s/a no axle or pin holding it together.

3. Artificial (silk) plants, flowers and vines can be used safely as long as they do not have wire.

4. There are many hanging toys that are made and sold by vendors, but if you're crafty, you may enjoy creating your own. I do, but I've purchased a few here and there. There are two types of these toys: Foraging, which have a cup or something that can hold food and treats. Reset, which are toys that can be pulled apart by the gliders during the nigh, and reset by you in the morning. Mine seem to love toys they can pull out and toss about the cage ( stringing or hanging monkeys in a barrel and pom poms in a hanging container are among favs in my cage, but they like pulling straws out of wiffle balls or braided fleece also). You can look at these toys in photos of cages and there are a few threads around on just toys, you will get plenty good ideas from those. Also look at vendors that sell toy making supplies, that will give you a good idea of what you can use. Some items can be purchased at various dollar stores and some craft stores.

5. Floor toys: and sometimes these can be fixed higher up in cages, but generally more often on floor. Toy bins or Ball pits, these are popular and easy. Just take a basket or a container of sorts that will sit stable, and place pom poms, ping pong, wiffle ballls, golf practice wiffle balls, plastic army men or animals (hard plastic), plastic rings and bracelets as long as no glue or glitter (use common sense when purchasing), and straws, you can cut smaller or you can spiral them through a manual pencil sharpener (some of these items can be strung with craft lace or fleece to make hanging toys).

Baby or toddler toys like from Fisher Price or Little Tikes can be used as well. Make sure they do not have areas that could cause a glider to get stuck or injured if using in cage (unsupervised play). These can be found cheaply at yard sales or thrift stores.

I'm sure I've missed stuff, but it's really a lot of versatility, so enjoy researching and planning.

Candy Posted - Dec 20 2014 : 10:22:14 PM
Most standard cages do not offer enough room for gliders to really glide but they do seem to like some open space in the cage for jumping from one side to the other.

My gliders will only glide when they can get somewhere high like the top of the window blinds or curtain rod where they can really launch themselves a pretty good distance.
eclipseSA Posted - Dec 20 2014 : 09:02:02 PM
sorry - another question - how do you keep the log or branches sanitised/clean? Will it be a problem that I live in an apartment and cant put my cage in the sun when I do a big clean?
eclipseSA Posted - Dec 20 2014 : 08:58:21 PM
I am having a good giggle - Im a teacher and always looking for ideas for my classroom - you all would be top classroom decorators!!! So many ideas here! Great!! I have a question and I am sorry if it has already been answered but should a cage have enough room for the SG's to glide to an extent? I am for lots of toys and fun play accessories but just wanted to check if my cage must have space as well?

This thread is awesome!!! Thanks!
jamers113 Posted - Nov 30 2014 : 05:30:12 PM
Was going to show off one of our girls room boy this cage thing has gone on for years I Still think The Fall foliege Cage is Coolest You can tell that person is very creative . I on the other hand had to ask gliders what to DO Our room looks more like a 5 yo play room. But as we lay in bed and watch them on webcam we put 2 in different areas so we can see everything Its funny several times we look up to see them with face looking straight in cammera Check out my pics. I take more glider pics than anyone I know but am always carful not to use flash or when I do its long distence.
AllieRyan Posted - Nov 26 2014 : 03:03:34 PM
I've seen a few cages with flowers and leaves that I'm pretty sure are fake.. Is that safe for the gliders? Even if it's on the outside of the cage, they could still grab at the leaves?
courtneyparke Posted - Nov 17 2014 : 12:03:23 AM
Thank you! The heat rock was one of the things I was looking into, because I previously had a hedgehog (RIP Quiggs, lived 6 beautiful prickly years) and he had one that he loved but also was nothing like a glider. Also glad you recommend fleece, because I was leaning towards a mesh set haha. I found a pokeball pouch on etsy which I'm especially excited about because I'm giving one a pokemon name, but besides that I'll keep my eyes out for other little trinkets to throw in there, all the other cages have given me great ideas. I'm sure once I get them I'll continue to stuff their cage full as well haha thank you!

Also, where in the cage do your gliders prefer to have the wheel and pouches? I've heard pouches towards top and wheels middle, but I've also heard vise versa
Trina0579 Posted - Nov 16 2014 : 03:05:33 PM
Congrats on your new babies you will be getting. There isn't anything in particular you have to have other than a fleece pouch for them to sleep in but things you should have are:

Hanging and swinging toys ie ropes, rings, pouches, landing pads, just anything they can run and jump and play on. (best if fleece so their nails don't get hung in them). Personally I made mine out of fleece blankets and plastic sewing rings. You can order "cage sets" here and I found some really great ones on If you want other ideas, plastic chains and toys are great. Just be sure there are no stickers on them. Some people put doll houses and cars and such for foraging toys also.
Running wheel. Everyone here recommends the raptor or stealth wheels because they are made specifically for gliders without an axle that can harm their tail in. They also have nail trimmers in them to keep their nails from getting too long.
Kitchens are not necessarily required but do help your cage from getting too messy because they are messy lil boogers when they eat and what I've found is best thing about them is it keeps urine and poo out of their food.
Hanging water bottle is a must, be sure to keep fresh water at all times.
Stay away from heat rocks, pads, lights etc. they are warm blooded and with a cage mate and plenty of warm fleece pouches they should be fine. If they are in an area that stays cold or has a lot of drafts, you can use space heater outside the cage. Just be sure you never put wires in the cage.
Lights aren't necessary but a red light bulb will allow you to see in the cage but doesn't hurt their eyes.

Well, I hope this helped. Feel free to ask if you have other questions. And make sure you posts pics when you get all set up!

courtneyparke Posted - Nov 16 2014 : 12:48:11 PM
So, I'm getting a pair of gliders around NYE and want to make sure I have all the essentials before they are ready to come home with me - and I haven't been able to find any sort of list of things to put in the cages.

Could anyone be nice enough to post not where you got the cage, but generally what all you put in the cage, where you got it, and how much they like it? I got the basics like the kitchens (I'm going to use chinchilla igloos on the floor for each glider), a wheel with nail trimmer... but I'm finding such mixed reviews on toys and cage sets (mesh vs fleece, etc) that I figured I would go here to the folks that know suggie tastes best haha.

Plus anything unique you have that you would recommend, please!

Trina0579 Posted - Nov 08 2014 : 11:18:04 AM

I build this from an old entertainment cabinet
Trina0579 Posted - Nov 08 2014 : 11:16:34 AM

FairyGirl Posted - Nov 08 2014 : 09:00:45 AM
This is the cage I built from PVC pipe and hardware cloth. I used the drop pan from my Brisbane cage and used those dimensions to build from, but mine is almost 5 1/2 feet tall. No one escaped and they went to sleep in the easy pouch to get to. Also there is a giant door for cleaning purposes or locating hiding pets