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 What are your Gliders' Favorites?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
KatFarrell Posted - Feb 08 2011 : 02:35:55 PM
What are your sugar glider's favorite...

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Proteins
  • Treats

I'll start:

~ So far they, they LOVE baby carrots (to bad their CA:PH is a little low)

~ So far they've enjoyed mango, blackberries, apples, & mixed fruit smoothies (w/honey, juice, & yogurt)

~ Egg (either scrambed or boiled), HPW mix

~ crickets, mealies, yogurt, yoggies, dried pineapple, coconut shavings
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Minadog77 Posted - Feb 12 2017 : 01:01:30 PM
Veggies-red bell pepers
fruits- rasperyberys or blueberries
protian- Pretty much anything
Treats- geber baby banna flavored star shaped puffs
Loving glider Posted - Jan 29 2017 : 08:07:56 PM
Favorites of my sugar gliders:
Yellow corn-A+
Red corn-A+
Any corn that they can find -A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ times infinity
minime3 Posted - Jan 26 2017 : 10:45:09 PM
Minnie's fav is Mealies, which is funny because the first 2 and a half months I had her she wouldn't touch them! not freeze dried, not live. She would run away from the live ones like she was afraid of them Then she finally would take them if I held it for her, Ewww! thankfully she would take them from a dish a week later.
She didn't like eggs either until I got her on the tpg diet. She loves yogurt, bananas, papaya, mango, peas, sweet potato, corn (given sparingly) and cherry tomatoes also given sparingly,
Then there are the ones that sometimes she loves and other times won't touch. these are blueberries, coconut, green beans, and eggs whites
Tveit_Momma Posted - Jan 26 2017 : 06:11:01 PM
This is an old post... but no problem keeping it going

Tveit likes veggies more than fruit, but he eats his fruit anyway because he's a pig.

He gets original HPW as a staple.

Fruits: Honeydew, cantaloupe, papaya, mango (favorite fruit), oranges

Veggies: Peas (favorite) and green beans every night; others include kale, basil

Other treats: Yogurt, dried fruit, honey, applesauce

Dislikes: Arugula, spinach, banana, apple, corn

The reason he hates apples is because that's the only fruit he got with his ex-owner for 5 years... he's pretty tired of them!
jdching Posted - Jan 26 2017 : 08:27:45 AM
Oh, they won't eat carrots, but like peas, green beans, corn, brussel sprouts, broccoli.
jdching Posted - Jan 26 2017 : 08:24:35 AM
Mines like melon, but dislike all other fruits.

Love chicken, egg, yogurt, mealies.

They love their wheels and the plastic pull off ring from the milk jugs.
LukeandLeia Posted - Jan 26 2017 : 12:47:26 AM
Luke and Leia like sweet fruits: apples, oranges and grapes they dislike almost all veggies
prettyinpink5808 Posted - Oct 11 2011 : 12:28:53 PM
mine are in love with avocado, mealies, chicken, eggs (any form), sweet potato, yogies, broccoli, fresh corn, and their HPW

They dont like dried apricots, sometimes watermelon, strawberries, they're picky with blueberries as well. They also dont like mango most of the time. Picky babies!
victoriarose1982 Posted - Oct 11 2011 : 11:29:36 AM
peite sweet peas
sugar snap peas
sweet dried coconut
freshly cut melon

dislikes: (my gliders are strange)
any berry
frozen melon
green beans

There is more I just can not think of them right now
RChurch Posted - Oct 11 2011 : 08:32:34 AM
Meal worms, honey for treats.

Honeydew, blueberries are their favorite fruits Catwoman loves oranges, too
Sweet potato, green bell pepper, carrots, peas for veggies. Neither care for leafy greens.

She loves her HPW Complete but Batman's not too crazy about it, yet. (Gonna try & put it in his foraging cups as that's the only way I can get him to eat his veggies.)
BlackDrappa Posted - Oct 11 2011 : 07:49:54 AM
Yoggies, corn, mealies, dried papaya, blueberries, yogurt, honey
carafernicola Posted - Oct 10 2011 : 09:27:28 PM
Chloe loves peanut butter (as a treat) honey yogurt edamame watermelon apples grapes (red not green) eggs (hb or scrambed) sweet potato, green beans, carrots, unsalted nuts pretty much anything....she goes through stages of what is her favorite but its always fun to watch her eat! :)
hypnotist321 Posted - Aug 21 2011 : 08:47:50 PM
Originally posted by Omis n Kais g-ma

Their favorite changes nightly. Omis' favorite is whatever is left after Kai devours the others.

Rachaels gliders Posted - Aug 21 2011 : 08:42:39 PM
Mine LOVE grapes!!! They also love mealworms...but they would not survive without grapes. It's funny though...they eat the grape but peel off the skin and leave it in their food dish :)
Manami Posted - Aug 02 2011 : 04:20:02 PM
Both of mine love just about any fruit, especially blueberries and apples. Neither of them like veggies (yet I never tried corn, because I've read it can't be very good for them). And one of them LOVES pulled pork and bread.
Breezer Posted - Jul 28 2011 : 07:12:53 PM
Tank's and Izzy's favorites are corn, yogurt, mangos, honey and grapes. And Izzy loves crunchy lettuce!
emassau512 Posted - Jul 27 2011 : 12:07:37 PM
My glider (Joey) LOVES cricketts. He gets one or two a day with a few mealies. His favorite fruits are apples and melon (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon). His favorite veggie that I have tried so far is corn on the cob, I skewer it and hang it from the top of his cage. He doesn't care for carrots so much, and loves leafy greens.
alexx1389 Posted - Apr 17 2011 : 08:16:24 PM
Ikaria, don't feel bad... mine don't play with toys either. They just don't know what to do with them haha It's kind of funny actually.


Brussel sprouts
filly47 Posted - Mar 26 2011 : 03:27:57 PM
My girls looooooove scrambled egg, chicken, seafood, grapes, fresh apples, nuts, and mealworms!
Ikaria Posted - Mar 26 2011 : 02:07:38 PM
~ Sugar Snap Peas
~ Arugula
~ Green Beans

~ Papaya
~ Cantaloupe
~ Honeydew

~ Boiled Chicken
~ Shrimp
~ Lobster

~ Yogurt
~ Yogurt Drops
~ Mealies

Two of my cages will eat anything... LGRS Suggie Soup, modified HPW, etc.
My other cage will only eat modified LGRS Suggie Soup.

8 for 8 and I have all picky eaters when it comes to fruits and veggies, though I just use the fruit cocktails and veggie relishes.

OH! None of mine play with toys.
viciousencounters Posted - Mar 18 2011 : 03:44:51 PM
Their likes:
Blended Diet
Any veggies

Their Dislikes:
Most fruits
jakeelwood Posted - Feb 14 2011 : 10:09:00 PM
Overall favorites are Mango and papaya but they get bored quickly and return so quickly.
JeremyLexie Posted - Feb 11 2011 : 06:07:37 PM
* Veggies spinach ha ha mine hate carrots!
* Fruits papaya, apple, blackberries, berry not raspberries
* Proteins shrimp or mealies
* Treats mealies dried papaya yogurt and blueberry drops

Toys: ball pit!
Omis n Kais g-ma Posted - Feb 09 2011 : 08:41:01 AM
Their favorite changes nightly. Omis' favorite is whatever is left after Kai devours the others.
giraffelady Posted - Feb 08 2011 : 04:33:56 PM
Mine like sweet potatoe, okra, cherries, pear, LOVE MEALIES, their Blended Diet. Some Bananna....the older ones love spring mix. Of Course Yoggies.