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 Questions about all aspects of sugie life.

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Beenabeth Posted - Mar 30 2017 : 10:28:29 PM
I want to make sure i am doing the right things to properly take care of my sugie so ive got several different questions.

1. How much/often should i give sugie fruits or wormies?(i try to give her 6-8ish papaya bites a day, sometimes she gets it twice or a few apple slices a day and usually 8-10ish wormies a day or every other)

2. Are huts ok for them to sleep in or do they HAVE to have a sleep pouch?(she has tore up every hanging cloth type bed ive bought her and also almost lost her paw b/c of getting string wrapped around it so im afraid to buy anymore)

3. What are some things i can do to get her more bonded with myself and my boyfriend?(Ive had her for a little over a year and i feel shes not bonded like she should be and is crabbing more than she should for having her so long. Some days she will come out for a treat with ease and climb onto my hand in the cage and let me pet her enough to grab hold of her to bring her close to me to hold her but other days she will not get in my hand completely and holds onto cage with back paws and acts skidish and runs back to her hut or to the next level of her cage when i try to pet her with the hand she climbs in cuz she thinks im gonna grab her.)

4. Is it normal for them to always "nibble" peoples fingers when they try to pet or feed them?(shes not acting like shes being aggressive or attacking and its not in a lunging motion, she just always seems to want to bite on peoples fingers if you hold/pet or feed her. Is it she is just hungry and smells food on fingers or what?)

5. Is there any way to determine how old a sugie is?(when i got mine a year ago the people didnt know how old she was or even have an estimate.)

6. How do i get her acquainted with my chihuahuas?(shes already had an incident with one of my girls where sugie got away from me and tried to run away and hide and shadow went after her and they were under my bed so i wasnt able to tell exactly what shadow was doing but it didnt seem like she was trying to eat or kill sugie, it seemed more like she was just "gnawing" at her i guess you could say, as if to be trying to assert dominance . Sugie wasnt hurt or anything either but now im afraid to try and get them near eachother, the closest they get is when sugie goes in her ball and runs around the house.)

7. Do sugies have to have their nails clipped or any other type or hygene/grooming done?

I think those are the main questions i have that i can think of, i may have more later.
2   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Beenabeth Posted - Mar 31 2017 : 11:12:56 AM
I had did some reading up on them and what i found it said to give them 10-15 wormies. She will run up to the top of her cage if my bf or I walk past and act like a dog rooting around for food almost cuz she acts like she fiends for papaya or wormies. I know shes eating her regular food fine and she doesnt seem overweight so ive just kept it that way. There are times she doesnt get anything for a few days or so too though.

When i first got her i let her run around my bedroom and she would crawl around on my bed and climb up the clothes hanging on the door hook and she loved it but then when it was time to go back into the cage it was a hassle because she wont come to me unless i coax her with a wormie and catch her real fast or coax her close with treat and put the treat in a small animal cage and wait for her to go inside to eat it and i close the lid. I also let her roam around the whole house in her ball and she seems to like that.

What am i suppose to use to cut her nails?

I use to have one of the hanging pineapple beds and she tore it up and peed on it all the time so i got her a hanging fuzzy tube type thing open on both ends and she tore it up and dug a hole in the bottom of it all the way to the piece of cardboard that was in it for stability that's when she ended up getting string and fuzz wrapped around her paw it started cutting off the circulation to her paw and it got really swollen and full of blood and the string was so tight it was cutting into her skin and the skin was trying to grow over the string. it took me quite a while to get all of the string cut off of her paw but I finally got it all and her paw started to heal and not be full of blood and the swelling went down but she still couldn't move it at all. I was afraid I was going to have to take her to have it amputated or something, but thankfully after a month or so the hair started growing back over the skin and she started to get movement back in her paw and it seems to be perfectly fine now and she can use it fully. I'm just afraid to try to get any other cloth type beds for her because I don't want anything like that to happen again because she likes to tear them up.
BYK_Chainsaw Posted - Mar 31 2017 : 10:06:35 AM
1. that sounds like alot. Do you have them on a proper diet?
I will give mine 4-5 mealworms every other day. They dont like dried papaya much anymore, so I give them about 2-4 yogurt drops sometime, or put the yogurt in the foraging cups.

2. we use fleece pouches, have to cut their nails about every 3 weeks so they dont get stuck on stuff. we did have small trash cans with lids from dollar store that they LOVED but they got very protective in them so we removed them.

3. take her to glider safe small darkish room, sit still and let her explore on or around you, whatever she likes. feed her a few treats. put hand in sleeping pouch so she can sleep with your scent OR put scented cloth in their sleeping area so they sleep with your scent. Put in closed bonding pouch keep with you for a few hours a day, talk to her.

5. I was told by a vet that once they hit adulthood they can not age them, only when they are small they can guess age by size.

6. We dont bond our gliders with other animals, some do, but I read that anything smaller then a glider is potentially food for a glider, and anything bigger is seen by a glider as a predator (eat or be eaten). It just seems to dangerous to try, specially with our dogs.

7. yes you should trim their nails. I think that is the only grooming that is really needed unless you have a sick glider, some have cleaned off bottom area after a poo. please do NOT wash your glider in water, ever.