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 Why phones. Seriously.

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
PixieSquid Posted - May 23 2017 : 01:59:19 AM
I don't think my gliders are normal. First off, the second day i had them i opened the cage to feed them and they tore out of it and up my arm, running all over me and around my room before coming back to run around my hoodie. It took forever to get them back in the cage so i could recover from the totally unexpected "attack". I was so not ready for them to approach me that quickly o.o They have never shown any signs of the shyness/fear/etc i had been expecting from everything i read. so that's good i guess.

But now i don't think they know how to play. Every toy i get them they completely ignore and instead they focus solely on their wheel. Even during play time outside the cage they ignore toys. So weird, and again not what i had been expecting. One day i shall succeed in teaching them the ways of play! *shakes fist*

However, the funniest thing they do in my opinion is how when they see a phone, they charge after it with vigor. They, for whatever reason, love to climb all over phones while chewing on the edges and wiggling all over it. They have done this pretty much within a few days of owning them. They've already sent my brother a couple texts and prematurely ended videos i was filming, or taking pictures, because they love walking across the screen and sitting on it. It makes it such a pain to do anything when they notice the phones are out, and we make sure they can't chew on them long enough to do any damage to the phone or themselves. But it's still so amusing to see how they perk up when they notice we are using them.
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Emily Holcombe Posted - Nov 15 2018 : 07:55:09 PM
Bubbie is my second glider. My first glider passed away at 15years 3weeks. Broke my heart. I went 4 years without a glider. I finally couldn't be without one anymore. Bubbie is a year and a month. He's not like bandit was with toys. Bubbie has a little rubber duck and a wheel in his cage. That's all. His favorite toy is me. His 2nd favorite toy is rawh rawh. It's a stuffed toy he found. I let him loose and we play. When he's tired of me, rawh rawh gets it. He don't like the bells or the usual glider toys. It all depends on your glider and what they decide they like. You do not own your glider, they own you. What they want is what you give them or be prepared for fits. Bubbie likes throwing things at me if he doesn't get what he wants. Be prepared for that. Make sure it's nothing breakable. Usually just his little bowl of Cheerios with a lid is within his reach. He has full run of the living room. He knows the kitchen is off limits. We have had several arguments over that, but I win. He doesn't like being grounded to his cage for a few days, so he's learned. They are very smart animals. They do learn quickly. He's been socialized so he goes everywhere in my pocket with me. He's about to be my certified service animal. He kept going and kissing the left side of my head. Then I started having seizures. I found out I have a brain tumor on the left side of my brain. He found it before I started having symptoms. My neurologist, yes he knows bubbie, said I should have gotten checked before the seizures started. Paperwork is in the works now for him. They even have a little badge for him. I'm thankful for my little guy. I'll never be without one again.
Wishes Posted - Dec 01 2017 : 11:25:51 PM
Sometimes I find things in the pouches
I found the ball in a pouch Lol
I reached my hand in and was expecting to feel something warm and fluffy
fastest I ever pulled my hand out lol
lilsistar Posted - May 23 2017 : 10:07:22 AM
Seems like you have social sugar gliders. Yay! You'll figure out how to handle their unexpected attacks eventually.

They might be playing with the toys when you're#8203; sleeping. I didn't think mine played with theirs until I have them toys with bells and stuff they can take apart. I heard the bells and could see the toys in different parts of the cage.

My male loves my phone. I thought it was because he's a turd and enjoys doing things to annoy me XD.

Seems you have some spunky gliders :)