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 Sugar Gliders
 Joey hanging out of pouch with active momma

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Lokismomma Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 09:48:34 PM
So my little momma Lilly has joeys in pouch. Well one of the joeys whole body is hanging out, but he is still attached. Lilly is a very active girl. She loves her wheel. Should I be worried about her being so active with the little joey hanging out like that? This is her first time being pregnant. And my first time dealing with this. We didnt intend on this because we were told our male was sterile. Which now thinking about it, I dont know, is it even possible for them to be? Obviously its not the case with ours. We got him from someone who knew nothing about gliders and i only knew what Id learned from research. But any advice would be appreciated. So far they are doing great as parents, but Im like a worried grandma
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Lokismomma Posted - Jul 26 2018 : 03:10:57 PM
Oh yeah we already made the appointment for our male. Since they have bonded I cant imagine separating them. We had 0 intention of breeding as we were informed wrong about our male. Thank you for the diet suggestion! I will for sure level everything out!
Leela Posted - Jul 26 2018 : 10:36:03 AM
I'm sorry it's not an easy thing to watch, and one of the biggest downsides to breeding.

To me it sounds like Mom wasn't frantic to keep it in the pouch, but that might of been the beginning of the rejection, I didn't see it, but that is what it sounds like to me.

She may not have been getting all she needed from the diet. I know many places say to up the protein for moms with joeys in pouch.

It is more recommended to up the portions of everything fruit, veg, staple, not just the protein. This way all the vitamins and minerals are increased across the diet not just the protein.

When feeding well known balanced diets like Bml or Critter Love we typically increase the portion we usually feed, 1 more tablespoon of staple, 1 more tablespoon of fruit and 1 more tablespoon of veg. Only increasing one part of it makes the diet unbalanced and won't provide all the necessary nutrients nursing moms need.

At first Mom eats it or as much as she needs of it, when mom starts weening the joeys the joeys begin to eat that portion and mom eats less of it because she is needing less.

I would suggest putting them on a well known diet and if she rejects the second joey def start thinking about getting the males neutered or separating the female from the intact males.

Most breeders will do one or the other if they reject twice. After twice you continue to let them breed it's bordering on animal abuse, many say it is animal abuse no question about it.

Considering you don't know if they have rejected joeys in there previous owners care I would def neuter or separate and not give them anymore chances, you don't know if this is the first time or one of many that were just never witnessed, and that is a realistic possibility.

It's not easy and I'm not placing the blame on you, you are dealing with the consequences of someone else's decisions and or lack of knowledge about gliders and breeding, it happens a lot. But now they are in your care and you have the opportunity to make more responsible and educated decisions for them.
Lokismomma Posted - Jul 26 2018 : 01:12:05 AM
Actually high protein would be the wrong way to word it. Not unreasonably so, just slightly more due to her current state.
Lokismomma Posted - Jul 26 2018 : 01:08:05 AM
I felt so terrible for her because I definitely could tell she was trying to help it before it detached. She was kind of frantic. But I didnt know what to do because she is very protective of her pouch, so I was trying to just let her be mom and do her thing and kept an eye on her. But then I saw the joey fall and I knew it wasnt good. And then it got graphic to say the least and she turn cannibalistic. I was able to get the poor thing from her. I understand though, in nature its for safety measures. Im just concerned that assume the other joey she has in pouch, she may turn that way. But on the other hand am hopeful because she did try so hard with the one she lost. Both my male and female are about 2 years old. I have them on a fresh fruit diet and high protein especially since I found out she has joeys and also provide calcium supplements. And meal worms as an occasional treat.
Leela Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 10:28:37 PM
I'm so sorry yes that is very normal especially for first time parents. There are lots of reasons this can happen, something wrong with the joey, inbreeding, not producing enough milk, diet, She may just not be ready yet or want to be a mom.

Do you know the adult gliders ages? what diet are they on?
Leela Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 10:26:07 PM
No need to worry about her being active, that is normal and the joeys are quite secure on mom and won't just fall off. They will be "out of pouch" very soon though

Yes, sometimes males can be sterile, cross breeding carmels to sugar gliders will produce sterile males, we purposely do not cross breed them because of that. That isn't what happened in your case obviously .

Since they aren't sterile it might be a good idea to get the males neutered.

Glider breeding can be a tricky thing. If the conditions aren't right, inadequate food etc... they are known not to produce, or if they do they cannibalized before the owner knows they produced. Females can hold a pregnancy in stasis for up to 12 months and give birth when she is ready or conditions are more adequate for her to give birth.

First time parents have a higher chance of the joeys not making it, so the best thing you can do is even more research and be as prepared as you can. Rejected joeys are not easy. This site has a lot of information about breeding, rejected joeys, supplies etc... check out all the categories and tabs

Lokismomma Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 10:16:56 PM
Well, disregard.... sadly the baby didnt make it. He detached and she started to eat him. Is that normal? I think she has another in pouch and I dont want her to do that to the other little one. She didnt start doing it until he detached, up until that point she was trying to aid him and get him back in the pouch