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 Sugar Gliders
 Need help! What to do when you only have 1 glider left.

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
MissKitty Posted - Jun 17 2023 : 09:24:57 AM
Hi everyone. I had 3 beautiful sugar gliders for the past 10 years. 1 died last year and then I just had the 2 left. Today the 2nd one died. Poor baby. Now I only have 1. I know they dont do well on their own and prefer to live in larger groups. We don't plan on getting anymore gliders. What will happen to her if shes on her own? Ive heard they get very depressed. Im not sure about re-homing her because I cant be sure she would even be accepted in with someone else's sugar gliders or if I could even find a loving caring genuine sugar glider person. I have heard their are alot of scams out there. I need some help and advice on what I should do. I am in Canada. Close to Toronto/Niagara Falls. Thanks!
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MissKitty Posted - Aug 01 2023 : 05:11:25 AM

Surprisingly I havent heard her bark since her friend passed away. Occasionally Id hear them bark but nothing out of her since. I thought for sure she would be barking looking for her friend.

Thanks again for your advice. Its really helped me try to figure out what to do and where to start. Yes, I do love my glider and want whats best for her and her health.
SuggieSlave1991 Posted - Aug 01 2023 : 12:23:39 AM
Sacrificing your happiness for your gliders happiness is one of the most purest kind of love we has humans can offer. Not only for our pets, but with other people to. And please don't think I'm saying that she isn't happy with you. I'm sure she is very happy when she is spending time with you. But it's the warmth of snuggling up to another glider when they are in their pouch going to sleep, that comforting feeling of knowing your not alone. Or the companionship of having another to play with all thur out the night while my mom is asleep, having someone to eat with. You are like a house guest. You might be over a lot, but their cage mate is always home. Just like the comfort of having your family home. That is what we can not give them.

The group I mentioned on Facebook is a rescue group, but it is located on the US. but the group also offers a free mentor program for new owners. They offer donations to people that take in unexpected rescues that they do not have the funds for, and will even hold raffles and giveaways to help people pay a portion of unexpected vet emergencies that they can not afford at the time. They also have approved vendors that sell safe toys and cage sets. And a lot of them are in Canada. People from all over the world are in this group searching for help and advice. I highly suggest starting there. And if you do decide to keep her, you're not a horrible person, even if you don't get her friend. I say this because of her age. If she younger then I wouldn't suggest keeping her by herself at all.

I would just pay attentions to signs of depression and stress most of all. These things would be bald spots from over grooming, lack of appetite, less active then her usual normal, sleeping a lot more then usually, eating more then usual, behavior changes, such as less social, biting or nipping, or more skittish about noises or certain movements, your barking more then usual, or running in her wheel very long periods of time. All these things and more can be signs that your glider is depressed or stressed out. Excessive barking at random times can be her calling for her cage mates or looking for a friend. I hope this helps you. I can tell you had and have a lot of love for your babies. Finding her a new home could after you had her so long could also make her depressed and stressed out. I would at this way, if your not seeing anything to indicate that she is majorly depressed being alone,I would keep her on me more throughout the day and give her as much of your time as possible. If you are seeing signs that she is lonely and wanting a friend, or you don't have the time to give her A LOT of your attention to comfort her as much, then I would definitely lean more towards the rehoming option. Like I said at the beginning, Sacrificing your happiness for her to live out the rest of her days as the happiest glider she can possibly be, then your making your making your decision out of love instead of greed.
MissKitty Posted - Jul 31 2023 : 03:36:34 PM
Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it. You have given me some great advice. I will look into the Facebook groups for rescues and go from there. Hopefully I can find a loving home for her. I dont want to part with her and she seems fine on her own but Im sure she truly isnt since they arent meant to be in larger colonies. She needs to be with others Gliders like she has been her whole life.

Thanks again!
SuggieSlave1991 Posted - Jul 31 2023 : 05:21:49 AM
First off I would like to say how sorry I am for your losses. I can only imagine the pain of losing one of my babies. I currently have 9 and anyone of them would devastate me.

But to answer your question, its not a matter of IF it will get depressed, but IT WILL become depressed. She is probably already very depressed seeing as how she has been in a pretty large colony most of her life and is now all alone. Even if you show her lots of attention, you can't give her that connection that only another glider can. If you don't plan on getting another one, for the best interest of the glider, I highly suggest you rehome her. I know you Said you are fearful of her not being able to be accepted by another colony, but gliders are usually always very acceping to new friends. I've rescued a few, and have introduced all the gliders I've had to others, and I haven't had one be rejected yet from one group to another. But I would also suggest you find her a home with someone that has experience with gliders. And I know you said you are fearful of that as well. Luckily you are in luck. There are actually a ton of people in your area in Canada that have gliders that are all very experienced.

I can tell you how to find these people. If you have a Facebook, look up the group Sugar Glider Guardians. Join that group, and make a post about your situation and the area you're from and they will literally find you. It's a great page for an suger glider owner and the people in the group will help you so much with anything you could possibly need when it comes to these animals. A lot of the members live in Canada as well. I hope this helps. And I hope you make the best decision for you and your baby!!!