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 Sugar Gliders
 new male lower incisors long and wide apart

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  Posting A Reply To: new male lower incisors long and wide apart
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T O P I C    R E V I E W
BatGirl Posted - Oct 13 2023 : 01:45:55 PM
His name is Radarr,a neutered 4 yrs old male. just got him a week ago to replace my old neutered male that passed away from old age, and keep the girls happy ;-)

His lower two long teeth are not like my two girl's teeth - he doesn't seem to be able to fully close his mouth or let his lips cover them. looks strange. They're wide apart, too ~ very wide...

Got appointment with exotic vet in a couple of weeks to get him looked at - may need dental work to shorten them so he can eat properly? Don't know how they'd pull them back close together...

Anyone else have this 'issue' and is it something to be concerned about?

Got him bonded w/mom pretty quickly... working on bonding w/baby girl. Have to introduce him to each separately ~ get each of the girls to sleep separately in their main nest together with him before putting all three together...
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BatGirl Posted - Nov 17 2023 : 09:56:05 AM
Took the family to the local Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) certified vet to get Radarr checked out, and to get the girls done too while I'm there.

Doctor Welch with Forest Trails Animal Hospital in Tulsa, OK said he'd never seen anything like what Radarr has - sent him pictures showing the teeth and jaw, and video of Radarr eating, so he can get with his colleagues for more research and answers.

Meanwhile, he examined Radarr's mouth and discovered Radarr only has these two tusks - no other teeth (after four years of not being able to close the mouth and chew on the teeth they probably just atrophied...). He is using the tusks to tear at food like sliced-up grapes and slurp up the fragments and juice with his tongue. Doing anything to the tusks was thus rejected.

Doc took stool samples of all three, and all came back w/o parasites or abnormalities - except for Starling's (my glutton), which had traces of bacteria and apparently some red dye? She will eat and chew on anything - gotta work on keeping old left over food away from her - the dye is probably from destructive chewing on some cloth she shouldn't be doing and that neither of the others are doing... kids!

Weighed all three before going: Radarr at 75g, Piper (mom) at 105g, and Starling (baby girl) at 150g. Mom's lost some weight from four years ago, but baby girl is still the same - fattening up Radarr and Piper with guacamole treats was suggested.

All in all, Doc gave them all a clean bill of health - didn't suggest any bloodwork.

See him again next year ;-)
BatGirl Posted - Oct 18 2023 : 09:16:10 AM
Glider teeth don't NORMALLY get 'trimmed', but ABNORMAL teeth like this could easily require trimming them down as corrective surgery!

NORMAL teeth wear down, but ABNORMAL teeth that can't be used NORMALLY, do not get NORMAL wear, and can grow very long and pointy like his.

Pulling them will probably be too traumatic/risky, but trimming one, then the other weeks later, may be survivable and give him the opportunity to finally be able to close his mouth fully ~ lower lips closing on upper lips, so food can be chewed/swallowed less this video:

Radarr Eating Video

Looking to trim them back just enough so lower lip can cover the teeth/tusks
mechnut450 Posted - Oct 17 2023 : 05:10:30 PM
Gliders teeth don't get trimmed. they are not rodents... there is a issue here that may require surgery to either remove them or if just happen to repair the issue if possible.
BatGirl Posted - Oct 17 2023 : 12:33:47 PM
Here's a couple of photos of the diastema of the teeth condition:

front view, and here's a side view showing lower lip issue:

...taking him to a vet on 25th to see if maybe they can trim the 'tusks' down so he can close his mouth when he eats... they're too long as he is unable to use them and they get no wearing down naturally.

BatGirl Posted - Oct 13 2023 : 04:12:54 PM
the two teeth are about 30 degrees apart - make him look like a warthog with tusks. He can't cover the teeth with his lower lip... keeping food in his mouth seems precarious...