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genitalia Problems
genitalia Problems
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Sep 01 2003
07:54:47 AM
although around puberty, it is not uncommon for the genitalia to be out, it is however uncommon

1. for it to not retract
2. for them to "over groom it"
3. to make noise that sounds unlike anything you heard before (a cross between a crab and a cry) very desperate sound
4. for the cloacal area to be red, wet and swollen.

these are all warning signs of possible problems that can turn deadly if not treated.

any chewing on any body part is indictive of problems.

all of which needs an e-collar on immediately, this we can not stress enough, the collar many times is the difference between life and death especially where the cloacal area is concerned.

any chewing at the base of the tail and cloacal area is a medical emergency, and no time at all should be wasted in getting a collar on.

get familiar with what you need to do and watch for in the unlikely chance this may happen.

This year with the information being out there and more and more people being aware of what to watch for, we now have several gliders out of the e-collars living very normal lives. attributed to the owners being more aware, catching them before any damage was done, getting them treated and knowing what to do.

look at it as to us knowing what to do in case we get burned, even if it never happens we still know what to do. The same must be followed with the sm's, you should know at the minimum where to go for help and what to do if needed.

DO NOT try to do this without an e-collar, sadly it may mean the life of your glider.

here is a link that has all the emergency info needed, if and when you will ever need it. It is for the self mutilation board.
1. contact numbers of experienced owners who has owned sm's
2. e-collar plans to copy right off the computer as well as instructions.
3. explains most of what we know about the sm's
4. has special cage setups with pics
5. has a place to put stories of various owners who has experienced this.
6. Has a special forum if you need help, that is watched by the sm community.
7. Has a questionnaire for owners to fill out so that we can be aware of present and past situations. Edit: Link no longer works.
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genitalia Problems

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Sugar Gliders
genitalia Problems