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Event: SSS in SC ... May 14th and 15th...
SSS in SC ... May 14th and 15th...
Feb 06 2011
04:18:20 PM
SSS in SC ... May 14th and 15th...

2011 May 14, 15

Hello Suggie Peeps!!

It's that time again... time to plan for
The 3rd Annual SSS in SC.
Sari's Suggie Social in South Carolina!!

Where? Sari's House, Taylors SC
When? Starts Saturday May 14th 12 noon through Sunday May 15th for brunch
Why? To meet suggie people, play suggies games, learn suggie facts, and have a suggie sleep over!
How? You could drive, fly, skate or come in a pouch! My finished basement, extra bedroom, and couches and floor are all available for free stay. Please let me know if you'd prefer to stay in a private hotel, and I'll set you up with a few recommendations. Please remember we are in the country, so nothing is 'just around the corner'.

There will be a web page created with more details, but it's time to get the date and time out so people can plan! We are expecting people to show from
SC, NC, TN, GA, FL, VA and who knows where else??

We'll have door prizes, raffles, auctions, toy making, tent time, meal worms, crickets, glider food & treats, stuff for sale, raising money for GottaLuvSuggies Glider Rescue SC, nail clipping lessons, people food, drinks, gliders, friends, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Please bear with us while the plans unfold. Let me know here, on PM or via email if you plan to join us this year. Can't wait to see my old friends, and to make some new ones this year!!!

(all details, addresses, phone numbers and directions will be available on the web site, and I'll post as soon as it's available!)
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Feb 09 2011
09:31:04 AM
TINY LITTLE ANGELS Super Glider Visit TINY LITTLE ANGELS's Photo Album USA 318 Posts
I am most certainly coming bearing loads of stuff!
Feb 11 2011
12:57:59 PM
SariYappa Face Hugger Visit SariYappa's Photo Album USA 413 Posts
Not only is Alicia Tiny Little Angels) coming to this shindig, but she is a large part of making it all work this year... THANK YOU ALICIA!!!

Don't forget about the FLEECE EXCHANGE!!
Everyone brings 2 yards of fleece. One of a favorite print, one of a matching solid (or 2 prints).

When you get here, they all go in a pile. Sometime during the party, we all get to pick numbers, and you get to pick your favorite set of fleece, until there is none left. At the end, everyone looks at what they got, and has the opportunity to talk their friends into trading! We like everyone to leave happy! :funny stuff:

Who's coming so far?

Sari SariYappa
Tara Saturngirl
Kim Kcolfer
Alicia & Scotty Carolinasuggies
Erica & Chris? xoericae
Johanna johannasgliders
Reeny reeny
Peggy SRLB
Jade JadeEliz
Jana gr8pots

We expect this list to grow exponentially, so get your name in early!

Alicia & Kim helped collect some awesome, generous donations so far... here are a few of the donors I am allowed to share:

Hill Haven
Dmcuffin (Aimee)
Tara Saturngirl
Sari's Suggie Web
Peggy SRLB
Jana gr8pots
erica xoerikae
Alicia carolinasuggies
JillMarie's glider cookies
Liezl GizmoGirl

Your just not going to want to miss it this year! It's gets bigger & better every year
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Feb 13 2011
12:09:29 AM
Arna Face Hugger GliderMap Visit Arna's Photo Album CO, USA 541 Posts
If any one's driving past colorado pick me up lol. I'd love to come I'll see what I can do. But sadly I don't see it happening,.
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Feb 13 2011
09:01:57 AM
TINY LITTLE ANGELS Super Glider Visit TINY LITTLE ANGELS's Photo Album USA 318 Posts
Oh Peggy and Reeny are coming too! YAY...I can't wait...Sari thank you for the credit BUT I am having loads of fun doing this as well as helping you! I get to see ALL kind's of cute stuff and it is so fun knowing all the awesome things that will be up for auction goody bags door prizes etc before anyone else does (hee hee I know things others in attendance wont until it's time)....I love being a part of this!
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Mar 29 2011
06:51:52 AM
Skeeter Face Hugger Visit Skeeter's Photo Album Florida 425 Posts
Add my name to the list too--- I am hitching a ride with Peggy :)
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Apr 08 2011
07:40:18 PM
SariYappa Face Hugger Visit SariYappa's Photo Album USA 413 Posts
Skeeter, so happy you are joining us!
Arna, I wanna know if anybody picks you up! LOL

The list is much longer now, but I don't have time to update here... sorry...

I am leaving for my spring break vacation on Wednesday, and won't be back in town until Monday April 25th...

Then it will be crunch time to get everything done! We have SO many people attending this year, I think next year I'll actually have to change the location! WOOHOO!!

Thanks everyone!
May 09 2011
04:09:11 PM
SariYappa Face Hugger Visit SariYappa's Photo Album USA 413 Posts
Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't been around to join in on the excitement, but I'm ready now! I just got accredited and certified to be a Pet Trainer for PetSmart, so the training ended last night,
and I'm putting 100% effort into getting ready for the SSS in SC now! WooHoo!!!!!

I am so happy to see all the newbies that signed up last minute. What a wonderful thing, WELCOME ALL!!

Here's what you want to remember:
1. Your money! :roflmao: (lots of bidding, buying and donating along with free gifts and free toy making too)

2. Bring your healthy gliders. We have plenty of food and snacks for the furry ones. I'll be supplying BML, Candy's blended diet, fruits, veggies, mealies and other snacks for the critters. Please let me know if you have other special needs for your pets.

3. P.J.s! We are having a sleepover! You can bring a blowup mattress, your pillow, extra blankets, or your favorite stuffed animal. You may want some earplugs too, because they'll be lots of nocturnal pets sleeping over too

4. 2 yards of fleece! Please bring 1 yard of a cool/fun/funky fleece along with 1 yard of a coordinating solid color. We'll be having a fleece exchange, and you won't want to miss it! More details at the SSS

5. Bring something to share... you can bring a dish of some sort, dessert, drinks (we DO do alcohol for those wishing to join in the adult festivities)... sugar glider treats, etc.
Don't forget, if you are sleeping over, we look for breakfast treats and brunch stuff too!

There will be lots of stuff supplied at the SSS in SC, so if you can't bring anything, just BRING YOURSELF!!!!! We love to share!

There will be drinks, jello shots, a 6 foot hoagie/hero/sandwich, desserts, side dishes, suggie treats, sugar glider food, mealies, plates, utensils, newbies, oldies, everyone in-between! There will be lots of gliders, and you'll all get to meet my 3 legged hedgehog, Humphrey.
(Yes guys, Humphrey had to have a leg amputated last week, long story...)

Any questions or concerns, just call me! Here is the SSS in SC website with all my personal info

I'll be updating the attendance list as well, so stay tuned for more updates :thumb:

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May 16 2011
07:30:34 PM
SariYappa Face Hugger Visit SariYappa's Photo Album USA 413 Posts
OMG it was SO AWESOME!!! I'm sorry for all of you who couldn't make it.

THANK YOU to all that did, and helped make it such a success!!!
Glider peeps got together and really supported the cause. This year it was bigger and better than ever, and we were able to raise

$927 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suggie people ROCK!!

I'll have a better thank you speach when I recover! LOL

 Look what I found on Ebay
SSS in SC ... May 14th and 15th...

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Events and Calendar
Event: SSS in SC ... May 14th and 15th...