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Sugar Glider Color
Sugar Glider Color
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Jun 25 2018
04:14:56 PM
Poll Question:
What's your favorite Sugar Glider color from these 10? (I've seen a couple of these questions but I wanted to ask it too )

(I tried to include some underrated ones)

*Descriptions of the Gliders don't include everything*


Standard Gray (Regular/Most Common)
Cremeino (Creamy white with a tan color on back, tail, and ears. Has ruby-ish/reddish-brown eyes)
Leucistic (All white with black eyes)
White Face (In the name...basically a Standard but with a white face and white underbelly)
Platnium (Light silver color with a light gray stripe)
Black Beauty (The stripe is black. They have black on their ears that connects to their eyes and black knuckles. Their underbellies are a silver color)
Ring-Tailed (Can be multiple colors but will have ring-like shapes on the tail.
Piebald (Patches/Spots of different colors (or pigments) all over the body)
Caramel (A light caramel color with gray stripes. Have larger ears and can have white wrists and hands).
Albino (White and/or faint light tan with red eyes)

Sugar Glider Color

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Polls, Votes & Questionnaires
Sugar Glider Color