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Updated LGRS Suggie Soup
Updated LGRS Suggie Soup
Research Information
Jan 08 2019
08:22:07 AM
I just wanted to update the Suggie Soup recipe as it is out of date and not all ingredients are sold anymore and most of the links do not work. I can't seem to add it anywhere though. so, here it is!

LGRS Suggie Soup (2.12:1 Ca:Ph ratio)

The LGRS Suggie Soup is an economical, lower-fat, lower cholesterol, higher calcium, higher protein recipe than similar recipes that use expensive, imported ingredients. Here is the nutritional analysis link: This is the standard recipe for all rescues and animals being rehabilitated at Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary. You can dilute the finished product with water and syringe feed it to gliders who are suffering from metabolic bone disease or hind leg paralysis. It is important to first take malnourished gliders to the vet as they are often candidates for a subcutaneous calcium injection and other treatments.

Batches and Freezing

One "batch" of this recipe will produce about 7 cups. With a two tablespoon serving per glider per day, a batch would last a pair gliders two months, depending on waste. Please note that as a rescue we err on the side of over-feeding especially when nursing malnourished rescues back to health You may be able to cut back the portions to a tablespoon if the glider is generally healthy.


1 cup of canned Mango juice or liquefied fresh Mango
1 cup of canned Papaya juice or liquefied fresh Papaya
2 cups of Calcium & Vitamin D fortified Orange Juice
2 cups of Filtered Honey (do not use raw)
1/4 cup of Plain, Low-Fat Yogurt (kind with 12g protein per half pint)
1 small scrambled egg (1 tbsp of a large egg beaten)
1 Tablespoon of Designer Protein or Milk Re placer (See footnote 2)
1 Tablespoon of powdered, Dehydrated Fly Pupae (see footnote 3)
2 Tablespoons of powdered Bee Pollen (see footnote 4)


1. Cook and scramble egg, set aside to cool

2. With a blender, powder the bee pollen and dehydrated fly pupae together so it is one fine powder and set aside

3. Warm honey using a hot water bath method or microwave.

4. Mix warmed honey and juices in blender

5. Add protein powder and yogurt to the juice and honey mixture. Blend till smooth [depending on the size of your blender. You may need to blend the rest in stages]

6. Add egg and pollen/pupae mix into the liquid ingredients. Blend until smooth.

7.Pour into small freezer-safe containers for freezing use containers that you can put in the fridge with enough to last two or three days. If you have two gliders who will only eat two tablespoons per serving, those containers can be pretty small. You can freeze the soup in ice cube trays and pop the frozen cubes into freezer bags.

* We prefer filtered honey instead of raw, comb, or unfiltered honey. If you use raw honey, use a sieve to filter out the wax particles or other debris.
** You can get Designer Whey
Other vitamin fortified soy isolate products will work, but compare them and try to come close to this nutritional profile.
You can get Arnolds Choice Possum Milk Replacer here:
*** Make sure to get DEHYDRATED Pupae *not* the Larvae. Dehydrated fly pupae is available from this source:
**** Bee pollen is available on line at Walmart, Amazon, bulk foods, whole foods market, or GNC nutrition stores.

Serve Each Glider PER Night-
#61623;1-2 Tablespoons of the LGRS mixture
#61623;1 Tablespoon of fruits
#61623;1 Tablespoon of vegetables

A Word on Fruit and Veggie and Meat Compotes
You should also offer a compote of properly balanced Fruits, Veggies and Meat on the side of the soup. Offer two tablespoons per glider. Watch out for high Ph contents of meats. Must offset so overall Ca:Ph ratio is 2:1
For compote examples see:
Properly balanced compote recipes on the site include:
- CornPapayaExample (Lucky Glider)
- Eric's Example recipe (Eric Coleman)
There are also some cool smoothies from Dahlia up there too
Critter Love Salad mixes also work.

Edited by - MelKunzer on Jan 08 2019 08:23:48 AM
Research Information
Jul 07 2022
04:04:26 PM
MelKunzer Starting Member 2 Posts

Raw filtered honey can be used.

Amazon now sells organic mango and papaya powder. Those can be mixed with water and used as mango and papaya nectar.

Always freeze the Coccon Capers or they will mold.

Due to dental issues in liquid diets, please offer Happy Glider pellets, Critter Love Pellets, or Monkey Buiscuts.
Updated LGRS Suggie Soup

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Updated LGRS Suggie Soup