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Sugar Gliders
A sudden change in personalities, hoping nothing is wrong.
A sudden change in personalities, hoping nothing is wrong.
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May 11 2019
01:59:21 AM
Good evening! Thank God its Friday. Some basic facts for the situation below:

1.) Me and my Fiance have three sugar gliders and my daughter from a previous relationship. All boys, all neutered.
2.) Lock, Shock and Barrel - Got them in Octobee of 2017. So roughly about a year and a half?
3.)My job causes me to stay for weeks at three separate locations. Seattle (where I reside) Hawaii (Where i was raised) LA.

Now onto the situation.

I was there for the entire bonding process, working only in Seattle for their entire first year. From the beginning Lock and Shock were absolutely wonderful. I could count on one hand the amount of times that both of them have crabbed and bit me or anyone else in the house for that matter.

Barrel has been a little difficult. Very unfriendly from the get go and constantly biting me and my fiance. Tbh, I didnt like my daughter handling Barrel due to this. Crabbing non stop. He got easier as time went on however he is definitely the trouble maker between his brothers. A fight every now and then but those rarely happen.

I know many within the sugar glider community do not agree with me but I do use physical discipline to correct bad behavior of any sort. A flick here and there. A light tap on his forehead. I'm not here to discuss this. I have been raised with physical discipline and believe when applied correctly to the situation it can be effective.


So I recently came back from LA and immediately things were different. Lock and Shock were scared of me. Like usually when I open their cage, they are the first to run up and greet me with grooming or playful chirps. Not at all. They ran from my hand and actually crabbed when I picked up shock. Hmm. Weird. Maybe it was because I still smelled like LA? No problem. I put shock back in his pouch and left him a treat for his troubles.

Then the next day, my daughter had been bitten pretty hard by Lock. Okay. No. That's really strange. My daughter has been taught and she gets severe punishment if she is caught mishandling the sugar gliders. Shes never had a problem except when we first got them and she tried picking up Barrel by the tail. Lock got flicked a few times and placed in time out cage. Okay it's not time out cage, it's a cage that we use when were cleaning their regular cage.

Meanwhile, Barrel....Is angelic!? He's been coming up to me and chirping and just the best ever. He doesn't even pee on me anymore! What's going on?!? I swear to you that I'm not mistaking Barrel for any of his brothers, and vice versa.

So what gives in these changes?

The only change we went through was my fiance had rearranged furniture in my leave. But I mean only the living room. She didnt do anything to the sugar gliders room.

It's been a few days and Lock and Shock are still misbehaving. Any ideas?
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A sudden change in personalities, hoping nothing is wrong.

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Sugar Gliders
A sudden change in personalities, hoping nothing is wrong.