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The Ensure Diet
The Ensure Diet
Research Information
Jul 20 2020
08:06:43 AM
Ensure Diet

This diet has been used by Carolina sugar glider rescues and a growing number of individuals on a daily basis, some since 2012. Although it is not recommended by some groups, it is growing in acceptance. It is a nectar made up of 33% goat milk, 33% Ensure and 33% Coconut water. Plus veggies, fruit and other options on the side, plus a sprinkle of calcium on the nectar The nectar alone is enough to provide many needed vitamins, minerals and protein, and gliders love the flavor! Its easier than TPG, is less restrictive than most diets, and does not require purchasing anything on line. You can buy everything at Walmart!

Original Ensure (Generic brands like Equate are OK) (No chocolate)
Goat milk (fresh, or prepared evaporated or powdered) (Meyenberg brand is common)
Coconut water (can or carton)
Vegetables (variety is recommended)
Fruit (fresh or frozen)
Powdered Calcium (Calcium Carbonate or Calcium Citrate)
Options (anything glider safe*)

Nectar preparation for small colonies:
Thoroughly blend 2 scoops of Meyenberg goat milk powder with 8 oz coconut water and 8 oz filtered water
Gently stir in 8 oz Ensure (do not use blender)
Pour into ice cube trays, or very small storage containers
Freeze (will freeze quite hard)

Nectar preparation for large colonies:
Prepare evaporated goat milk (equal parts evaporated milk and water) (24 oz total)
Gently stir in 24 oz coconut water
Gently stir in 24 oz (3 bottles) Ensure
Refrigerate for up to 3 days (will sour after that if not frozen)

Feeding (per glider): We feed once a night, soon after they wake. They may graze all night.
1 to 1.5 TBSP nectar in primary bowl(s)
Side-bowl(s) with the following:
1 to 1.5 TBSP mixed vegetables
Up to 1 TBSP fresh or frozen fruit
Up to 0.5 TBSP additional protein or anything glider safe
1 drop calcium (1/64 tsp, 0.05 ml, one shake from salt shaker) (use 2 drops if additional protein is offered)

Recommendations for side-bowl(s):
Classic Mixed Vegetables (corn/peas/greenbeans/carrots) has an amazing spectrum of vitamins/minerals
Otherwise, try to use the stoplight method to choose veggies. (green/yellow/red)
Most any fruits, according to taste. Remove all pits. Try to remove seeds and skin when possible
Protein mostly includes boiled chicken, turkey and egg

*Glider Safe Foods

Its very had to keep up with the long, long lists of what a sugar glider can eat. Honestly, Sugar gliders can eat nearly every healthy food that you and I eat, the same way we eat it. (Raw, cooked, pitted, skinned, etc) It's much easier to list what they should not eat.

The following are considered TOXIC: Never feed anything from the onion/garlic family, No cocoa, No peppermint, No fresh, raw Lima beans, No alcohol, No caffeine, No honeycomb, No to most spices. The following is not healthy for them as it is not healthy for you. Limit salt and sugar. Nothing canned or oil fried. Stay away from "artificial" anything. (that eliminates much of the junk food we eat). Limit f&v that are acidic or cause gas. Otherwise, they eat any fresh, frozen or cooked vegetable or fruit you eat. Eggs, and lean meats too

Diet adjustments for overweight gliders:

Reduce fat by buying non-fat goat milk powder from Amazon. Try mixing 1 scoop full fat and 1 scoop non-fat.
Reduce carbs by staying away from peas, beans, sweet potato, Banana, Mango, pineapple and grapes, then feeding more Kale, mushrooms, spinach, and red bell peppers, melons, peach, berries and coconut

Diet adjustments for underweight gliders

Reduce the amount of water or coconut water to create a stronger nectar to build more health and energy.
Increase carbs by staying away from Kale, mushrooms, spinach and red bell peppers, melons, peach, berries, coconut, then feeding more peas, beans, sweet potato, Banana, Mango, pineapple and grapes

The Ensure Diet

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The Ensure Diet