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Grieving glider - help?
Grieving glider - help?
Health related
Aug 07 2022
03:12:14 AM
It's been awhile since I posted to this forum.

Sadly, one of my girls passed away on the 5th. I found her already passed on in her pouch.
Her cagemate, Gili was sleeping in the main sleep-cube I have in the cage. Ithil had moved herself to one of the other pouches in her cage.

I'm unsure if she knew her time was coming or not, but either way it's very sad and she left her cagemate behind; Gili.

This is a new, very sad chapter for me as a glider parent, and for Gili as well. I wanted some opinions, and I believe I had a couple questions as well.

- I plan on getting her a new cagemate. Already I'm putting up ads, and I intend on quarantining a new glider (preferably a Joey of the same sex she is) for 30 days or so. (2-3 weeks minimum if things get dire)
Would that be too long?
How long should I let her grieve without letting her health slide into turmoil?

- Gili is not active at all right now. The first night after Ithil was gone, Gili did run in her wheel a a very shortbit, however now. She refuses to get up. I've literally watched her all night, and she hasn't budged.
I know a little about the grieving process for gliders, and a decline in activity is something that does happen. How long should I let this happen until I should be concerned?

I set up tent for tent time, and she refused to come out of my shirt, or refused to come out of her plastic trash can. So we spent most of the night ( and today earlier while she slept) Cuddling.
I'm spending as much time as I can with her, save for a couple of hours in the sleep-cube with Ithil's scent to try and be there for her.

- How long should I let Gili hold on to old pouches that smell like Ithil? I don't believe Ithil passed from anything viral, contagious, or was injured. So I'm not opposed to letting her have the pouches for a short while, but just to be safe. I DO want to overhaul and clean the cage, pouches, and toys... How soon is too soon?

- Gili is not eating her normal food, but will eat treats I'm monitoring Gili's eating patterns, and some nights- she and Ithil didn't eat much. That's normal. (I also leave dry Glider kibble in the cage 24-7, so if they do want snacks during the day it's there for them.) with the grieving process, I am scared Gili will refuse to eat. Even when I feed her by hand. She has taken yoggie drops from me, and mealie worms - but those are essentially "junk food" and I worry that might make her sick if that's all she'll accept to eat.
(To be safe, I'll be buying a bottle of Pedialyte later today to keep on hand in case I need to make her take that for nutrition.)

If she begins to refuse all food, I'll be taking her to her vet.

I've been reading other forum posts; and trying to learn as much as I can on the fly.
If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know!

We're devastated Ithil's gone. She was my very first baby.
But, I'm scared for Gili. I don't want to lose her too.
Grieving glider - help?

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Grieving glider - help?