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Sugar Gliders
HELP Im from Bahrain and have limited resources available
HELP Im from Bahrain and have limited resources available
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Aug 12 2023
04:51:09 PM
Hi everyone ..
so, as mentioned, Im from Bahrain (Middle East) and Im a new sugar glider owner. I have had multiple pets growing up bur mostly dogs and rabbits. I have never owned a Sugar Glider, but I was lucky to get one from this guy who had no clue what he was doing with it, and wanted to get rid of it. My sugar glider is a four month old male. Whenever I get a pet, I become fully invested and giving it the best life possible. I ask the guy what he used to feed it. He told me Cerlac , fruits and vegetables and eggs occasionally but thats a Sugar Glider would get everything it needs from the Cerlac. After researching online I quickly discovered that wasnt the case it needs calcium specific pellets, in addition to fruits, vegetables and protein. Usually Amazon is my best friend, but in this case supplements, and the proper pellets dont ship to Bahrain. If you know any pet stores that ship worldwide, that would be a great help because I am running out of options and Im really scared about the diet hes getting.
Food, Diet
Aug 14 2023
11:47:58 AM
SuggieSlave1991 Joey 18 Posts
I highly suggest in getting the happy glider pellets. It can be found on Amazon I believe, I'm just not sure about your country. But I would ask how resources for this brand. And feeding the diet plan with it. This kibble is the only kibble that provides an the nutrients they need to live happy and healthy and is great for their teeth. I'm going to attach the diet plan that is fed with this diet. Also, if you can, you may want to try to find you little a guy a friend. But definitely want to get him Neutered. Especially if you a girl glider, and if you find another boy glider both will have to be Neutered to avoid fights. They are colony animals and don't do good with out a glider friend. It can cause them to become very depressed. Also the only kind of Cage accessories that are safe to use is items made out of polar fleece, or anti pill fleece. And when choosing a wheel you must be very very careful. A lot of wheels can kill or injure gliders. You don't want to have a post in the middle of the wheel, 3 inches of clearance in the back of the wheel from the cage, and you don't want to use wood. A lot of types of wood are toxic to gliders. No ropes or twine, or any kind of material that can fray. They can get tangled in the fray and if they can't get themselves loose, they could bite off their own limbs.

Another great resource I suggest is, if you have Facebook, join the sugar glider guardians group. They have a free mentor program for new owners, and they are amazing!!! I have 9 gliders currently, and all in perfect health all thanks to that group.

I hope helps. Please feel free to message me with any more questions you may have if you would like.

Here is the diet plan for the happy glider kibble I suggested above

TYPE: Purchased

NOTES: This diet comes veterinarian recommended. It combines the stability of a kibble with the variety and flexibility of your choice of produce.

2 Tbsp Happy Glider kibble per glider per night. Discard unused kibble from the previous night.
0.5 to 1 Tbsp per glider of ONE fresh fruit OR vegetable per night, choices include but are not limited to: green beans, carrots, peas, kiwi, apple, tomato, citrus, spinach, bell pepper, avocado, berries, melon, bok choy, sweet potato, cucumber, broccoli, etc. The goal is to achieve a wide variety of produce over many nights, while not feeding so much produce that the gliders do not eat the kibble. Try to feed veggies slightly more often. Avoid onions or garlic.
A generous serving of flavored Greek yogurt once a week, in place of the fresh fruit or veggie. (Noosa or Greek Gods brand recommended)
1 Tbsp per glider of protein a couple times a month such as cooked egg or cooked ground turkey without butter or seasoning, in place of the fresh fruit or veggie.
Always have two sources of fresh, filtered water per cage! This is critical!

* Check the flow mechanism when taking food dishes out and putting food in.

LINK: Kibble can be purchased at Any flavor kibble will work, and use Alea in the referral box for a discount at shipping! The proceeds from the commission go to help fund the sugar glider nutrition study.

Alea's Happy Glider Diet Plan FAQ:

Why a kibble-based diet?
A kibble based diet can provide adequate nutrition for your gliders, with the added benefit of promoting dental health. Dental health is extremely important to consider. We see so many gliders who suffer and die from years of dental disease, and we see this especially with the sloppy/frozen diets. For more information on dental health, visit our Dental Health blog post.
Aren't gliders sap suckers? Don't they need a soft sugary diet? They are called SUGAR gliders!
Sugar Gliders are omnivores. In the wild, they do eat some tree sap. However, they also eat bugs, small birds or other small animals, and some plants (generally not fruits, though). In the wild, they have the benefit of getting at least some crunchy food - they don't just eat frozen mush or sap, and they do not need a lot of sugar (honey, fruit), nor is it healthy for them. A soft, sugary diet is not healthy for sugar gliders, and unfortunately, they are named for what the like to eat, not what is healthy for them.
It seems like my glider is not eating the kibble?
The most common reason that gliders do not eat the kibble is because they have too many or too much of something else to eat, something else that is probably tastier or higher in sugar. Adhere to the diet plan, which calls for a small amount of one item of produce per night. The goal is for them to eat the kibble, so they need to be hungry enough to do that after they have already eaten the other thing you have offered. The question about transitioning to the diet (below) has a few more helpful tips to try.
How can I transition to this diet?
To transition, you can offer just the kibble for a few nights with a small amount of your old diet on top for flavor and familiarity, until they get used to the kibble. You can also try pouring a bit of apple juice onto the kibble, or, for gliders with dental disease, wetting the kibble with water to make it a bit softer. If you feed too much produce with this diet, the gliders will avoid the kibble and fill up on the produce. Follow the diet plan, which calls for only a small amount of produce.
Here are a few treats we like to use for gliders. Please note that treats are to be used in moderation.

Live mealworms or other insects such as crickets or hornworms
White mini marshmallows
White baking chips (no chocolate)
Taro fish snack treats
pine nuts
almond slivers
dried fruit
dried coconut
sunflower seeds
honey sticks

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Food, Diet
Aug 15 2023
11:42:40 AM
Enweyer Starting Member 2 Posts
Thank so much for you reply !
That was helpful a lot ! And I mean ALOT !
Sadly the source you suggested dont ship to me too #128148;
Regarding getting another one , Im looking into it .. but also the vets here have never neutered sugar gliders and have limited information about them .. one of the vets kindly told me that he would learn about them and research to accommodate my needs ..
Im really worried about his diet though.. (I dont understand how the previous owner acquired a sugar glider without seeing what sources are available here #128148;)
Apparently there are alot of breeders here and they all feed them cerelac and Lory bird seeds..

I got the silent wheel from Amazon
And every single pouch I could find on Amazon
I literally just typed in sugar glider and whatever had somewhat good reviews I ordered ..
I even got a tent for him to jump around (he loves it)
Food, Diet
Aug 22 2023
01:20:29 PM
SuggieSlave1991 Joey 18 Posts
I sent you a private message. I'm not sure if you saw it or not so I wanted to tell you here just in case. I hope to hear back from you
HELP Im from Bahrain and have limited resources available

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Sugar Gliders
HELP Im from Bahrain and have limited resources available