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Sep 5, 2010


Wats up everybody? Well my name is Jeremy and Im a new suggie owner. I am the proud father of my two lil 8 month old girls Abby and ChiChi. I got them on August 17 from a woman off craigslit who needed to rehome them. She no longer had time for them as she trave with her husband on bussiness trips. Both are very sweet and fun to watch. Abby is a little shy and like to hide most of the time and ChiChi likes to explore and run arond. ChiChi is always stealing Abby's food even when she has her own so I feed them on on each side of the cage. When I first got them they didn't really crab they took to me pretty fast actually but I was still cautious. I tried bathroom time once but it kinda failed as ChiChi stayed on my back and head the whole time and Abby stayed under my leg till I moved her to eat then I realized she dissapeared. Aparently whoever did my bathroom sinks didnt fill a gap underneath so she climbed under the sink and wouldnt come out so i left her pouch and some treats and cut the light out and sat outside the door till she came out so that was the last time I did that, however I finally got a tent and it went great. They climbed all over me and ate. At least I know they see me as their safe point because they would rarely leave my side but they will venture to the other side of the tent but if i move or something they run back to me. Anyways I have been wanting sugar gliders since I was like 10 or 11, im 21 now and finally got them. I have done all my reasearch, as I do that with any pet Ive had and trut me ive had alot lol, I do work full time at Zaxbys and I take classes online so I have plenty of time to spend with my lil girls. I also have a 40 gal vivarium with 5 fire-bellied toads,3 fish,10 ghost shrimps, and 2 snails, and a 20 gallong with 2 leopard geckos. I got my girls last but I wish I had of gotten them first lol. Within the next month I plan to build the PVC cage for Abby an ChiChi because the cages that came with them are rather small and I want them to have alot of room. Plus sometimes next year after I've had them for a while I plan to get a male and let my lil girls have a joey and then get him nuetured. I think all animals should at least have one baby to keep their family goin. Not looking tobreed and sell just have a lil colony of my own eventually. Well I think I've wrote enough so until next time adios

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Taking care of my suggies, Herpetology, nature hiking, studying things of interest(ie.sugar gliders), building things.playing world of warcraft
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Im 21 i go to everest university and major in criminal justice. I have 3 suggies(Abby,Max, snd ChiChi). I have wanted sugar gliders since i was about 10 or 11 and now i finally have some