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Feb 6, 2020

 New joey! Assistance is requested.

Hello! I have a new Joey on my hands and they are my first. I have 4 adult gliders that were all rescues. Before I was able to have my males neutered my dear Sydney got pregnant and had an adorable healthy baby. I was hoping one of you could help me to figure out the joey's gender. I find it much easier to tell with adults and as I said before I usually only adopt rescues so. Thank you in advance!

May 21, 2016

 New (and first) suggie. Please read and offer advice!

Hello! My name is Chelsea and I recently adopted a rescue glider. She is very sweet but shy, which is understandable due to how she was raised. I have wanted a suggie for years and have done thorough research. I was wanting to ask about bonding tips. Dont get me wrong, she is doing very well after only just over a week and a half; however it is never a bad thing to know too many good suggie facts! She is 2 years old, and when adopted she didnt even have a name #61516; (I have named her Ruby). She was semi properly fed, and received her calcium and such, but it was a very boring diet. No real variety. She also had NO toys at all spare a single plastic chain laying on the ground and one pouch that was made of a very tread based material that was very dirty. No bedding in her cage, just the plastic pan underneath, and no love.. She had a mate but he passed away, and she was very lonely, never played with, and was just a decoration Upon receiving her she got a totally remodeled cage complete with 2 different pretty fleece pouches I made her, a hammock, a fleece braid, a parrot swing, rodent safe running wheel, tree stump hut with fleece strips, a fresh wide tube, 2 cage length perches, and I have a hanging treat puzzle box on the way, 2 more hanging toys, another perch, and my son graciously gave her one of his old baby toys. A rolling dump truck (which she plays with every night). I am currently making her a second set of fleece things to use for when I change out her stuff and wash them. She gets a variety of fresh fruits and veggies every night with either chicken or egg (turns out miss Ruby loves celery), and every day when I come home from work one of the first things I do is talk to her and give her a few pets and a treat. She is still skiddish, which as I said I understand, but she hasnt crabbed at me since her 2nd day here and will calmly sit in my hand and munch on her treats. Baby steps. I plan on adopting her a new friend once funds allows such and once she is more comfortable here. Sorry for the rant, I am just very excited and proud of my Ruby. ANYWAY Does anyone have any bonding advice, toy suggestions, treat suggestions, ANY suggestions? I have done my research well, but you can never have too much information! Thank you all!

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