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Jan 4, 2017


Hey everyone!
I'm a relatively new mama, I got my first sugar glider back in July when she was about 8 months old. I try and spend as much time with her but I'm not sure how to bond with her. She doesn't like being held much, but I let her run around my room at night while I lay in bed. These past couple of nights she's been checking me out more and when I go to the floor shell run around and kinda stick with me for awhile. She's also been kind of obsessed with licking my feet?? I don't know. Is this signs of her bonding to me? This is the most affection I get. Also, how else can I bond with her?


Jan 05 2017 : 12:04:16 PM
i offer some tasty treats, after while they will eat treats without running away. Then I put my arm in front of treat so they MUST step on me to get the treat. After many days I have made link set on my arm for the treats, he started being somewhat scared and as time has gone by he now will get on my arm and sit and eat his mealworms. I carried him to the kitchen this week, sitting on my arm, and gave him some live mealworms. I think you need to keep making him move another set forward, slow steady progress, if he doesnt bite, put him in your shirt if he is sleepy. scoop him up and hold him for a minute even if he doesnt like it, usually mine will get to understand they arent getting hurt, the come back to me fast if they are getting a treat.

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