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Failed Intro.. help!!

Apr 14, 2024

 Failed Intro.. help!!

Hi everyone,
I am sorry for the long post ahead but I am in need of serious advice.
A little over a month ago, my boy (Bandito) lost his cage mate. I recently got two new gliders so that he wouldnt be alone (Trixie & Stitch). After having them side by side in different cages, I did an introduction. During the intro everything went super well and they were all put into one pouch with extras in the cage just in case. Later on that night around 3 in the morning Trixie started chasing Bandito around the cage. So I decided to separate them again in case of fighting. The next day early in the morning I swapped their pouches so they can get used to each others scent.. later on in the day I tried reintroducing them.. I did this my having them sniff each others tails. Trixie ended up biting Banditos tail within seconds of smelling it. So again they remained separated. I decided to not introduce them the next day but I did swap the pouches again. Today I tried another introduction. The first few minutes went amazing. They even ended up in the same pouch. But then Trixie nipped at Banditos paw and again I had to separate them.
I really dont know what to do. Is it possible she will never like him? Im scared to try another introduction because I dont want him getting hurt.
*Trixie was a rejected glider from her mom and ended up being hand raised. Im not sure if this can play a role?
Thank you again for any advice you can offer.
Sincerely a very worried sugar momma.


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