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Sep 12, 2021


My bf and I both have a glider. I have a male. He has a female. Unfortunately we dont live with one another. We got them bonded yesterday when they were just introduced for maybe the 4th time. Still wont leave unattended. We are worried if we just let them have play dates so to speak would that cause depression in one if not both of them? We dont want that at all. We dont know if we should wait until we are able to move in with one another.


Jan 27 2022 : 01:26:05 PM
I would suggest keeping them apart until you both live together/have the boy fixed. if they are already bonded though it might be best to keep them together now and just have them at whoevers house has the best conditions. My gliders fully bonded after one meeting and I was able to leave them in the cage together that night, as long as there's no scuffles happening, I would put them together as soon as you can to prevent depressed gliders!




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